33 Sweets Recipes To Add The Sweetness To Your Diwali

Diwali is here again, the festival of lights, and the festivities have already started. We all know that food plays an important role in the celebrations. And no celebration is complete without a touch of sweet dishes. Desserts are the highlight of every festival — they are the most popular and essential dishes of Diwali too. They add much more enthusiasm to the festive spirit. Just like the multicolored rangolis that adorn the entrances of our homes, there is nothing quite like a dessert table decked with a variety of Diwali sweets.

This Diwali, light up your homes with our festive dessert recipes. We have something for everyone. Ditch the elaborate presentation and fancy ingredients, here are super-easy solutions to soothe your aching sweet tooth without much hassle. Share with your family and guests that will praise you for these and love it!

We also have the guide for your Diwali prep here :

1. Besan laddu recipe

Besan laddu is one of the traditional Indian sweet. These are just not Laddus, they’re a full pack of energy. These laddus are made from Chickpea flour which is good source of protein, pure ghee and sugar. So one laddu contains lots of nutritious values plus yummy taste. Diwali is incomplete without these laddus. Wondering how to make them? Here is the recipe..

Diwali Recipe : How To Make Besan Laddoo At Home

साजूक तूप कसे बनवायचे

2. Milk powder barfi recipe

Superfast recipe with minimum ingredients, it hardly takes 10 minutes to make this recipe. Strongly recommend for working moms. You can make peda shapes instead barfi shape. Make this Diwali more healthy by making barfi or peda at home. Serve your little ones and I’m sure she/he would love it. Follow the recipe steps by step with pictures.मिल्क-पावडर-बर्फी/

3. Ninaav recipe

Ninaav means without name. This sweet has no name but tastes extremely yummy. It is a CKP festive sweet prepared at the end of Shravan month. Ninaav is a sweet or dessert made of gram flour, coconut milk, jaggery and pure ghee. Make this unique delicacy in this Diwali.


4. Chirote recipe

Chirote is a traditional Maharashtrian sweet that is prepared on special occasion and festival especially on Diwali. Chirote is basically a fried flaky pastry with delicate circular layers that actually has no sweetness in itself. It is served with powdered sugar or badam milk or dipped in thick cardamom flavoured sugar syrup. Don’t forget to add this recipe in your diwali faral list. Following is the detail recipe with step by step pictures.

चिरोटे रेसिपी

5. Balushahi recipe

Balushahi is a traditional Indian sweet dessert recipe prepared with all purpose flour, little curd, baking soda, deep fried in ghee and soaked in sugar syrup. This dessert looks much more similar to the glazed donut. But the taste and texture of balushahi is different from donut. Include this shahi recipe into your diwali faral list for this follow the given link.


साजूक तूप कसे बनवायचे

6. Lavang latika recipe

Lavang Latika is a popular Bengali sweets, similar to Maharashtrian sweets Suryakala and chandrakala. This recipe is easy to make and taste yummy. This Diwali plan to make Lavang Latika follow the given detail link how to make Lavang Latika with step by step photos.

Must Try Diwali Recipe: How To Make Bengali Style Lavang Latika

7. Basundi recipe

Basundi is traditional Indian dessert made during festivals! It is a rich and creamy delicacy made with thickened milk. But, here we have given little twist. Instead of thickened milk we used ingredients which will make your Basundi quickly. This is generally made during Bhai dooj and Diwali. It tastes good when paired with pooris. Check the following link for recipe.

Diwali Recipe : How to make Cream Basundi

8. Badam seviyan kheer recipe

Seviyan kheer is a traditional, popular and common Indian dessert/ pudding. This seviyan kheer recipe varies from home to home. There are numbers of different ways to making this kheer. Here in this recipe we have used almond paste for thickening the kheer. This paste also adds a different flavour. Try to make this recipe during Diwali.

These 4 Mouth-Watering Sweets Are Just Perfect For Diwali

9. Sweet Corn halwa recipe

Sweet corn halwa is an Indian dessert recipe which is not so common but usually prepared in Gujarat and Rajasthan region. As we all know, corn has lots of nutrition values so I thought of making this recipe during festive season. In winter you can see market is flooded with sweet corn. Make your diwali more healthy making this recipe.

These 4 Mouth-Watering Sweets Are Just Perfect For Diwali

10. Shahi tukda recipe

Shahi tukda or double ka meetha is a traditional rich, royal Hyderabadi dessert of fried bread piece, coated with sugar syrup and creamy rabadi. It is called double ka meetha because it is soaked in sugar syrup and Rabdi. Looks very difficult to make but it is not at all difficult. Make your rabadi in advance one day before making this dessert. You will find easy to make is pudding. Try this shahi recipe during Diwali and impress your guests.

These 4 Mouth-Watering Sweets Are Just Perfect For Diwali

11. Besan churma ladoo recipe

Besan ladoo is usually made by roasting gram flour or besan for sometime and then mixing with sugar powder. But this recipe is totally different here. Ladoos are made from the fried besan puri in pure ghee and then make churma of fried puri’s later soak these churma in sugar syrup. In marathi, we call it ‘Puryanche ladoo’. Taste of these ladoos is very authentic similar to ‘Tirupati Balaji’ prasadam ladoo. Must try during this Diwali.

These 4 Mouth-Watering Sweets Are Just Perfect For Diwali

12. Orange peel rolls recipe

Unique recipe made from the orange peel. Orange peel has high contents of vitamin C. Being rich in fiber orange peel is helpful in digestion and these rolls can be consumed after meal like the paan. The stronger flavour also makes these rolls a mouth freshener. Make in advance because it will take 2 days to complete the recipe.

Recipe: Sugary Orange Peel Rolls

13. Lauki gulkand burfi recipe

Lauki has a very bland taste, so always remember if you are making sweets of lauki pair it with a strong flavour. Pair your lauki with gulkand it will make your sweet more healthy plus tasty. Make these healthy and tasty lauki burfi and enjoy guiltless diwali.

Holi Recipes : Lauki Gulkand Burfi & Rose Thandai !

14. Rose thandai recipe

Serve your guests homemade healthy ‘Thandai’ instead of branded cold drinks. You can make it in a large quantity and store in a refrigerator. Serve your guests and I’m sure they will love it!

Holi Recipes : Lauki Gulkand Burfi & Rose Thandai !

15. Rice kheer with jaggery recipe

Rice kheer ia a traditional yet favourite dessert of many Indian households. Usually made with rice and sugar, we are here with a twist because of the increasing number of health conscious people who are looking for healthy alternatives of their best kheer. Must try this Indian rice pudding with jaggery recipe this Diwali.

Diwali 2018: Rice Kheer With Jaggery Recipe

16. Sevai Kheer recipe

The word kheer is basically derived from Sanskrit word Ksheera which means milk. In South India these kheer types recipes are generally termed with payasam like Semiya payasam. In maharashtra we call it ‘Shevayachi kheer’. This recipe of Sevai kheer is extremely simple. Most important thing lower the flame while frying the sevai in ghee, do not burn them and fry till it reaches golden brown in colour. Following is the easiest recipe of Sevai kheer. Do not forget to make during this Diwali.

Dussehra Special: Sevai/Vermicelli Kheer Recipe

17. Sweet potato with jaggery kheer recipe

Sweet potato is a good source of dietary fiber, vitamin B6 and potassium, and a very good source of vitamin A, C and magnesium. It is rich in antioxidant. Sweet potato has plenty of healthy benefits. This kheer is very healthy as it has no sugar. It is also very delicious and filling. Sweet potato is one of the root vegetable so it is allowed during the fast or vrat. Instead of consuming occasionally try to add it into your regular diet. Make this recipe during diwali if you are more diet conscious and want to make your Diwali more healthy.

Navratri Recipe: Sweet Potato Kheer/Payasam With Jagerry Recipe

18. Sabudana kheer recipe

Festive season is here and so are we with this quick and easy to make creamy and healthy sabudana kheer recipe made from tapioca pearls, milk and condensed milk. Known by different names like Sago Pudding or Sago Payasam. Its creamy, smooth, milky texture and spongy pearls, crunchy nuts, exotic smell of cardamom and golden yellowish color and fragrance of saffron will make you fall in love in this dish and asking for more. Try to make during this Diwali.

Navratri Sabudana Kheer Recipe

19. Red Pumpkin halwa recipe

Rich, warm and sweet – the aroma of Pumpkin Halwa is something most Indian households would be familiar with and is usually prepared during Navratri when pumpkins are flooded in the market. They are high in Vitamin A, beta-carotene and Vitamin C. Hence are good for eyes, immunity and the overall functioning of the body. It is easy and quick to make with a few ingredients and tastes delicious and serves as a good dessert. Make in advance before diwali and refrigerator. It will remain good for 4 days. More pumpkin recipes :

7 Pumpkin Bread Recipes This Fall!

20. Mango phirni recipe

Rice phirni is a common dessert in North India. Which is made from rice puree, milk and dryfruits. Adding mango pulp in rice phirni will make a outstanding dessert called ‘Mango Phirni’. In mango season you can use fresh mango pulp or homemade preserved pulp.

In off season store bought mango pulp will also do. Serve chilled. This diwali give a twist to desi phirni and make a yummylicious Mango Phirni. More mango recipes:

Quick Delicious Mango Recipes

आंब्याचा रस कसा टिकवावा

21. Dry Fruits laddu recipe

Winter is the time when you crave for good food and don’t mind eating a bit extra unlike summers when it’s hot and muggy. It is said that you must eat healthy and rich stuff during winters cause that helps build immunity and it keeps you healthy throughout the year. I still remember during winters mom used to make items loaded with dry fruits like laddus and halwas and as kids, we would gorge on them. These laddus are full of iron, calcium, proteins, and vitamins. These nutrients are enough to keep your batteries charged for the whole year.

Winter Special: Healthy Recipe That You Can Try At Home

22. Rasgulla recipe

Rasgulla is a traditional Bengali sweet made from paneer and sugar syrup. I could never think that i can make this authentic Bengali sweet. It sounds very difficult to make but trust me it is very easy to make at home. Here is easy recipe how to make spongy and soft Rasgulla.

Easy Rasgulla Recipe

23. Saffron rice /kesari bhath/ sakhar bhat/ coconut rice recipe

Any festival coming up soon or do you have guest at home. Saffron rice is easy and simple delicacy which can be prepared for all the occasions at home. Here we show you how to make mouth watering saffron rice.

Recipe Saffron Rice

24. Amrakhand recipe

Aamrakhand is a simple, easy and yummy traditional Maharashtrian recipe made from mango pulp and hung curd/ chakka. It is an ideal and perfect summer season dessert recipe. You can also make this recipe in off mango seasons using store bought pulp. Make this recipe on this bhai -dooj and Diwali serve with poori.

Gudi Padwa Amrakhand Recipe

25. Khubani ka meetha/ Apricot sweet recipe

Quick, easy and simple to make. Khubani ka meetha is an authentic Hyderabadi delicacy made with dried apricots. Khubani is the urdu word for apricots. And meetha means sweets. Make this tasty recipe which this step by step guide:

Raksha Bandhan Recipe : Saffron Coconut Pulao & Apricot Dessert

26. Bounty barfi recipe

Bounty barfi is a perfect combination of desiccated coconut, condensed milk and dark chocolate. Super yummy and instant recipe with very few ingredients. These are actually a good energy bite too, with the health benefits of coconut and antioxidant of dark chocolate. This diwali try your hands on coconut chocolate burfi aka bounty chocolate. Below link is for bounty modak recipe but you can use the same recipe for bedi recipe. The only difference is that you have to make square shapes instead of modak shape.

27. Rose barfi recipe

This is a simple sweet recipe which you can make in just few minutes and with very few ingredients. Delicious rose flavoured pink barfi has a milky taste from mawa/khoya and rose flavour from gulkand compliments each other. This makes a perfect diwali sweet.

Below link is for rose modak recipe but you can use the same recipe for barfi recipe. The only difference is that you have to make square shapes instead of modak shape.

6 Types Of Yummy Modak Recipes

28. Kalakand barfi recipe

It is a rich, soft, crumbly, milk based fudge that literally melt in the mouth. This has been my favourite since childhood. Kalakand is used be a unplanned sweet dish for us, when milk got curdle mom used to make kalakand adding sugar, cardamom powder in to the chena. The recipe of making Kalakand is very simple. So this diwali stay away from the sweet Mart shop and make a simple delicacy at home.

Below link is for kalakand modak recipe but you can use the same recipe for barfi recipe. The only difference is that you have to make square shapes instead of modak shape.

29. Dates and Dry Fruit barfi recipe

This is an absolutely sugar free recipe. Strongly recommended for diet conscious people. You can make this recipe in advance before diwali and refrigerate. Share this healthy sweet with your family and friends.

Below link is for kalakand modak recipe but you can use the same recipe for barfi recipe. The only difference is that you have to make square shapes instead of modak shape.

30. Gourmet burfi recipe

Gourmet burfi is easy to make, prepared from ricotta cheese, condensed milk, Cocoa powder. Try this unique combination of barfi this diwali.

Below link is for kalakand modak recipe but you can use the same recipe for barfi recipe. The only difference is that you have to make square shapes instead of modak shape.

Gourmet Modak Recipe

31. Keshari burfi recipe

Keshari bari is prepared from khoya, sugar, saffron strands and cardamom powder. Very easy to make you just need khoya/mawa as a main ingredients. If you are using store bought mawa, make sure you are not compromising in the quality. Because during diwali/festival seasons we can see lot of adulteration.
Below link is for kalakand modak recipe but you can use the same recipe for barfi recipe. The only difference is that you have to make square shapes instead of modak shape.

Recipe – Keshari Modak

32. Puran poli recipe

A popular maharashtrian sweet flatbread recipe made with wheat flour and sweetened chana dal stuffing. It is a must make recipe in maharashtrian home during particular occasions or on during particular festivals like diwali, holi, gudi-padwa and dasara. It is served warm with generous amount of ghee.साजूक-तूप-कसे-बनवायचे/

How To Make Puran Poli In 20 Minutes

33. Til gul poli recipe

Sesame jaggery flatbread is a sweet chapati that is typically prepared during the festival of Makar Sankranti. It is stuffed with a mixture of nutty sesame, crunchy peanuts, coconut and jaggery. Sweet, soft and delicious, it makes time to prepare but is nevertheless worth the efforts. Sesame seeds are extremely rich in calcium hence, it is a healthy sweets recipe you can make during festive season.

Recipes you should not miss on Makar Sankranti

So we guess we’ve got you covered with the sweet part this Diwali with our hatke list. Make them with your family and see the bond strengthening! Do try these recipes and let us know your experiences and how much your loved ones and guests found these! Have a happy and healthy Diwali!

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