Recipe Saffron Rice

Any festival coming up soon or do you have guest at home.Saffron rice is easy and simple delicacy which can be prepared for all the occasions at home.Here we show you how to make mouth watering saffron rice.


One tbsp saffron stands

One cup basmati rice

¾ cup sugar

Half spoon cardamom powder

Three cloves

One tbsp cashew nuts (chopped)

One tbsp almonds (chopped)

One tbsp raisins

Four tbsp ghee

Two cups water


➔ Wash the basmati rice (make sure you wash it with soft hand), drain and keep it aside, soak saffron stands in 2 tbsp milk in a bowl, keep aside for 10 minutes 2 tbsp milk in a

➔ Heat two tbsp ghee in a deep pan and reduce heat to minimum

➔ Add two cloves, rice to the heated ghee and fry it well till the rice is translucent

➔ Add salt to taste and put in one and half cups water, sprinkle half tbsp saffron ,let the rice cook well

➔ Once the rice is properly cooked, keep it aside to cool in shallow plate .Leave it now

➔ For sugar syrup, take three fourth cups sugar in a vessel and add just enough water to soak it. Heat it on low flame and add the remaining saffron to it

➔ boil the syrup until it becomes sticky.

➔ Turn it off the flame and add the cooled rice to it. Mix it well in the syrup and add the cashew nuts, almonds and cardamom powder

➔ Stir in between till the syrup has been absorbed in the rice

➔ Add the little ghee and cover it with a lid to steam the rice well

➔ Serve the hot rice with ghee

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Written by Smita Diwan

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