whatSHElikes SHE is bold and free, wild and familial. Her strength is in her softness and her talent cannot be contained in labels. We at Whatshelikes.in celebrate modern, empowered Indian women in all of their vulnerable and magnificent glory.

We are India’s first women portal started by women and run by women and completely dedicated to providing holistic content for meeting the many-sided contemporary needs of today’s women who are redefining their history.

We focus on progressive and revitalizing content for the soul and the mind. Our platform curates entertaining and informational pieces that let our readers explore and elevate their life by bringing to the latest information about burning hot fashion trends, alternate lifestyle options, everyday beauty needs, modern relationship stories, shopping amongst other things which enable them to rediscover themselves.

Style & beauty, shopping, travel, relationship, health, home decor, diet and fitness tips are some of the needs of a woman which is most commonly addressed at whatshelikes.in.

As a women’s lifestyle media platform, WSL gives an opportunity to women across the world to come together and share their views, reviews voice their opinion on women related issues, products and services.