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Music Therapy and Its Benefits

Music has always been a powerful way of bringing people together. Healing with sound is believed to date back with the writings of Aristotle and Plato and in some cultures, even long before that. Music stimulates memories beginning right from the womb, with the foetus listening to the mother’s heartbeat and inclining towards it even after birth. Something as natural as this can be so compelling that it can be used to heal people in a way that even medicines cannot.

Girl Playing Violin
Woman Playing Violin. Credits : Pixabay

Here are some benefits of music as a therapy: 

1. Music Manages Pain

A perfect example of this is the Veteran hospitals of the 20th century (after World War I and World War II) which hired community musicians who played music for the thousands of veterans suffering from traumas of the wars as it showed positive emotional and physical responses by the patients.

2. Higher Workout Endurance

Woman Listening Music while Jogging
Woman Jogging

Ever wondered as to why all gyms have music being played? Gym music distracts people from the physical effort being put, allowing gyms goers to train harder for longer.

3. Improves Sleep

What can better explain this than a lullaby putting a baby to sleep? Listening to soothing and peaceful music at bedtime allows the mind to relax thereby helping people with sleep disorders to boost quality sleeping.

4. Relieving Stress

Listening to music can help calm you in situations where you tend to feel anxious. Listening to relaxing music after a stressful event can help your nervous system recoup faster and better.

5. Strengthens Coping Skills

Music enhances the quality of life. It encourages emotional expression thereby allowing you to connect with people and form strong bonds.

After learning about the benefits of music, it is natural to develop an inclination for the ways to shelter this into your lives. So here are 5 ways for you to validate your feelings through music as your personal therapy:

1. Listen to Music

Listen to Music
Woman Listening to Music

Curate songs according to your mood and save those playlists; songs to listen to when you are in high spirits, songs for when you are feeling low, and songs you listen to when you’re trying to motivate yourself. Choose to listen to songs that vibes with your current emotional state. 

2. Sing-Along

Listen to the melody and sing along with it even if you are completely unaware of the lyrics. Sing just the way you feel and listen to yourself when you do this. 

3. Move to the Beat of Music

Listening to music can allow your emotions to resurface, allowing you to dance around the house when you’re happy, and let you cry it out when you need it the most. Express freely what you feel with music. Put on that favourite song of yours and see what it brings in for you. 

4. Play an Instrument

Woman playing Violin
Woman playing Violin

Play an instrument while you sing, if you know how to. Improving your musical skills forces you to use all the parts of your brain involved in the concentration and the coordination process, enabling you to focus better in other life situations.

5. Experiment with Music

People often reach for what we know and love because most of them are scared of changes. And that’s okay. But what if occasionally you allow yourself to experience something new? Expanding your musical tastes in this way may lead to you a journey of self-discovery. 

As Plato once said, ‘Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything’. 

So build music in your life and allow your mind to fly.

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