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Harry Styles New Album ‘Harry’s House’ Is a Whole New Sensation

The former boy bander turned megastar is back, breezier and hornier than before, and more songs into food.

Harry Styles New Album ‘Harry’s House’ Is a Whole New Sensation

A new Harry Styles era has arrived, three years after Fine Line. Styles announced the release of his third album, Harry’s House, in March. The album appears to be named after Joni Mitchell’s song “Harry’s House / Centerpiece” from 1975’s The Hissing of Summer Lawns; Styles is a huge Joni Mitchell fan who once tracked down her dulcimer maker, and Mitchell’s official Twitter account wrote “love the title” to Styles after the announcement.

Styles has headlined two nights at Coachella since then but has largely kept a low profile. In anticipation of the album, only one single was released: Tiktok’s synth-pop hit “As It Was,” which features an ambitious video. Styles celebrates all things domestic over 13 breezy tracks on the album, which is similarly low-key.

Welcome to Harry’s House, where you may kick off your shoes and unwind on a stylish sofa. Here are some important details regarding the released album.

Harry gave a whole new sensation

Fine Line emphasized ’70s nostalgia and extravagance, whereas Styles’ 2017 debut championed classic rock. Harry’s House has a poppier sound, with synthy ’80s moments and indie-pop touches. The trumpet-heavy introduction “Music for a Sushi Restaurant,” which sounds purposely chintzy and louche as Styles scats, is the clearest heir to “Watermelon Sugar’s” high-fructose sensuality. The A-Ha jangle of “As It Was,” the hip-thrusting “Cinema,” and the ’80s slickness of “Daydreaming” are among the other highlights. And, despite its ominous title, “Little Freak” is all soothing synths as Styles reminisces on a past love.

More songs about food

Styles seems to be hungry…for something…in his songs, from “Cherry” to “Kiwi” to “Watermelon Sugar.” This time around, here’s what’s on the menu at Harry’s house:

1. “I could fry an egg on you, green eyes, fried rice” – “Sushi Restaurant Songs”

2. “Just you and me, a bottle of rouge, 1982” “Grape Juice”

3. “Maple syrup, coffee, and two-person pancakes/Hash brown, egg yolk/I’ll always love you” – “Keep Driving”

4. “Little Freak,” says, “Red wine and ginger ale.”

5. “Prepare your tea and bread” – “Matilda”

6. “Keep Driving” – “Moka Pot Monday”

What do you think?

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