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Bridal Makeup: 7 Step Guide To Plan Wedding Makeup

Your wedding makeup is an adornment, but guests will be focusing much more on your face. Begin thinking about your cosmetics and hairstyle as soon as possible.

Bridal Makeup Wedding Makeup
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Your wedding day will most likely be the most photographed day of your lives. While the gown, catering, and flowers are all crucial considerations, bridal beauty should be at the top of your list as well!

Your wedding makeup is an adornment, but guests will be focusing much more on your face. Begin thinking about your cosmetics and hairstyle as soon as possible — possibly right after you decide on your dress. That way, your entire atmosphere is consistent. Your wedding day beauty necessitates some planning, and the earlier you start thinking about it, the less stressful the day will be- trust me!

1.Hiring a professional vs. Doing it yourself

There are numerous factors to consider whether you hire a professional or do it yourself. The expense of the additional stress and effort needed in doing these things yourself is one item to seriously consider and weigh. It is not always desirable to hire or use a friend’s gift or expertise for your wedding. It may generate undue stress in the relationship.

Your wedding day is a time for you to relax and have fun. Do you really want to be stressed out about a broken hair straightener or running around frantically trying to secure a false eyelash while looking for your favourite lipstick in the midst of all the pre-wedding chaos?

2.If you’re going to hire a stylist, here’s how to do it

Finding the ideal hair and makeup artist can appear to be a marathon endeavour. We recommend working with a team that you trust and connect with. Book an artist with whom you are at ease, with whom you can communicate easily, and in whom you have faith.

The makeup artist’s primary duty should be to produce gorgeous Bridal Makeup, but they should also help to increase your confidence and calm you down. A bridal artist must be mobile, able to deal with uncertain lighting and space in varied locations, remain cool, calm, and supportive, and adhere to a tight timeline, in addition to creating beautiful makeup in the specified style.

3.Obtain a makeup trial

Because you won’t get a second chance, it’s critical to find an artist who can seamlessly translate your vision. This is critical! For both the makeup artist and you. Having the opportunity to try on several looks means that you will feel confident and joyful on the day knowing that the look you are sporting is perfect for you and will stay.

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4.Pre-wedding treatments

Inquire with a professional about the treatments you require. A parlour will normally recommend every single item on their pre-bridal treatments menu to you, but it is your MUA who will tell you exactly what has to be done and what is unnecessary for you. For example, you may need to have your face bleached, but if your skin is problem-free, an expensive facial may not be necessary.

5.Improve your skin care routine

Before you even consider makeup, you should establish a good skincare routine. This is something you should begin thinking about as soon as you set your wedding date! Prepare your skin not only for the big day, but also for your trial. If you want glowing skin for your wedding, you must prepare ahead of time. On neglected skin, makeup will not look as good or last as long. Invest in a toner that will remove dead and dull skin layers and reduce breakouts, followed by a luxurious moisturiser. A decent moisturiser is essential.

6.When and in what season are you getting married?

A bride’s foundation should absolutely be tailored to the elements she’ll be in for her wedding. If it’s winter, you’ll want a foundation that isn’t too dry or flat, and if it’s summer, you wouldn’t want anything that turns too shiny too quickly. If your wedding will take place from day to night, choose a long-lasting gown. Always remember to keep the weather in mind when finalising your makeup looks. Would you want to look super matte on a humid day where you might sweat? If you’re getting married during the monsoon season, you should choose waterproof wedding makeup!

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7.Check it out for yourself

Take photos of yourself in natural and artificial light to see how your makeup looks. Check to see if the foundation is the same colour as your skin, if the MUA concealed any blemishes or acne marks on your face, and if your dark circles are sufficiently reduced (if they are completely concealed, they may appear unnatural). Consider how long your makeup lasts and whether it is appropriate for your skin type.

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