Celebrating Women’s Equality Day 2021

Celebrate women, celebrate yourself!

Women's Equality Day
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Throughout the pages of history, women have always been struggling to get what they deserve. Sometimes at the forefront and other times behind the stage, the contributions of women have always been there leading to huge changes. One such event is the addition of the right to vote to the rights of women by the US Constitution. 

The amendment was adopted on 26th August 1920, which became a milestone worth remembering. In 1972, the day was regarded as ‘Women’s Rights Day’ which further changed into ‘Women’s Equality Day‘ in 1973. Since then every year the President of the state issues a proclamation to commemorate this huge achievement and uphold the idea of women’s equality and empowerment.

The struggle goes on, every day, at every place in varied forms. Numerous women step out of their regular lives and resolve issues to make this world a little better than yesterday for their fellow women.

Now, let’s get into the celebration! You can celebrate Women’s Equality Day as you desire because it’s your day. Here are some suggestions to help you make this day more fulfilling.

Get inspiration from legendary women in History

Take this day as an opportunity to enhance your knowledge about the struggles and debates held by women that ultimately led to your freedom and rights. Explore the significant women figures in history and read their stories. Look at all the inventions and discoveries by women, their accomplishments and works of art and literature. 

This is the brilliance, innovation, and intellect that every woman owns but never gets enough chances to showcase. As you will read more you will get motivated to do more and lead the way for others. You can start with Virginia Woolf, Frida Kahlo, and Kamala Harris.

Read literature, poetry, or quotes written by women

Words say a lot about a person. You will be amazed after reading what your fellow women had to say centuries ago. Today is always a great day to get immersed into stories and poetry that echoes your emotions and helps you enter a world of fantasy. Choose your genre, find your story, and get started. You can look for the works of Jane Austen, George Eliot, Sarojini Naidu, and Agatha Christie.

Organize a Women’s gathering 

Make women around you feel worthy and special on this Women’s Equality Day. Invite your friends, family, and neighbours (only women) and create a space of intimacy and happiness for them to feel rejuvenated. You can discuss ideas, play games, cook delicacies, or just have fun. Celebrations do not have to be meaningful and grand all the time. Every good experience counts and makes your life better, that’s the whole point of this day.

Find happiness in little things

  • Take a self-care break and enjoy the present moments. Do skincare, paint your nails, sing a song, or dance your heart out. Feel alive and cheerful.
  • Write a journal and be grateful for all the things you have achieved so far. Make it about a good memory, your dream, and anything positive.
  • Prepare your favourite meal. Cook for yourself or get it delivered. Don’t ignore your cravings and dedicate this day to your happiness.

So, it is up to you how you want to celebrate Women’s Equality Day 2021. There are no rights and wrongs and you are free to live your life. Just don’t forget to thank the wonderful women who led the way for this world where equality is needed, celebrated, and fought for.

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Written by Rakshita

Rakshita is an aspiring author and ambitious with a strong sense of responsibility. Loves country music and is an enthusiast of Art. Never likes to give up and explores everything she loves.

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