Wedding Check List – One Month To Go!

We have curated a wedding check list guide for one month to go wedding, just for you!

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Count down to Wedding: Time To Go

30 – 20 Days To Go

Indian Wedding

  1. Start taking extra care of your diet and eating healthy. Weddings are stressful and you do not want to be falling sick!
  2. Prepare final timelines for each function.
  3. Purchase all the little things here and there. Example: Plates, baskets, artificial jewellery, etc.
  4. Figure out your looks, in terms of hair and make up for each function and convey the same to your make-up artist. If he/she is getting any new products, go in for a patch test. In fact, even try going in for a proper trial if you can.
  5. Start making the necessary arrangements for the legal wedding certificate.

20 – 10 days To Go

wedding fitting
  1. Go in for a massage
  2. Get your lehenga’s final fitting done and bring it home.
  3. If you have been exercising to lose weight, now is the time to stop. Losing weight now will only pave way for more alterations in your outfits.
  4. Sit with your DJ and figure out a rough song list. Tell him your preferences.
  5. Make a list of all the last minute requirements you will later need to go shopping for. Example: Flowers, fruits, coconut, rice, etc.

10 – 5 days To Go

Wedding mehendi
  1. Get your pre wedding shoot done. The days from now on will be hectic, so let this be a breather.
  2. Confirm with the guests who still haven’t given an affirmative answer. Try and get a good idea of the number of guests coming in. (We know it’s hard to get an exact number in an Indian wedding).
  3. Figure out your entry on the wedding day.
  4. Confirm arrival time with all your vendors.

5 days – The Wedding

  1. Make all the required gift baskets, shagun baskets, wedding favours, etc.
  2. Get waxed.
  3. Get a facial. However, make sure it’s one you have tried earlier, so as to avoid any bad reaction with your skin.
  4. Sit with your photographer and give him a go through of all the guests you want special focus to (parents, sisters, friends, etc), rituals, lighting, timings, etc.
  5. Delegate duties to the close ones. Things like receiving guests, co-ordinating with vendors, picking up last minute stuff, etc.
  6. Cross check all details with the groom’s party.
  7. Get your honeymoon packing done.

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