5 Easy Yoga Moves to Beat Stress

Yoga encourages mental and physical relaxation, which helps reduce stress and anxiety.

Yoga for sound sleep

Yoga is not only there to help you stay slim and fit. It also helps you beat stress. After the whole day’s hard work, here are five easy yoga moves that can help you beat stress.

1.The forward bend (Uttanasana):

Stand with legs together and hand stretched out overhead with the palms facing one another. Bend forward from the hips while exhale deeply. Rest the palms on the floor or the shins. Move back to the starting position for repeated action.

2.The butterfly pose (Badhakonasana):


Sit on with your soles together. Your heels should be positioned close to the pelvis. Keep your spine straight from the tailbone to your head and hold your feet. Inhale as you place a hand of each knee. Exhale while you press the thighs till the knees touch the floor. If the thighs don’t touch the floor don’t overexert yourself and push as far as they go. Inhale while you allow the knees to come back in position.

3.The warrior pose (Virabhadrasana):

As you step into a wide lunge with your legs 3-4 feet apart, bend on your knee keeping both hand on either side of the foot. Then you draw up your torso with your arms overhead and palms facing one another. You can feel the stretch down your back leg and spine. Try to lower the back knee towards the floor and keep the biceps close to your ears.

4.The spine twist move:

While lying on your back, bend your right leg towards your right shoulder. Interlock your fingers to pull the right leg slightly towards the right shoulder. Take your left hand and pull the right knee towards your left. Stretch out your right arm and bend your head slowly towards the right so that you feel the slight twist in your spine. Take ten slow deep breaths. Slowly get back to your starting position and try it with the opposite leg.

5.The chair pose(Utkatasana):

Stand with your legs together, arms overhead and your palms facing one another. Biceps should be close to your ears. Bend into a squat so that your heels bear your weight. Stay in that position till your count five. This pose gets its name as the person pretends to reach back in order sit on an invisible chair.

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