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10 Organic Tinted Lip Balms To Be Obsessed With

Tinted lip balms provide a touch of color along with hydration

Image by silviarita from Pixabay
Image by silviarita from Pixabay

The moisturizing step is super essential and necessary for maintaining skin health. In a similar way, nourishing lips is also essential for maintaining the glossy hydrating look of lips. Tinted lip balms always come in handy to enhance your natural glow. It’s easier to achieve those softer, fullers and more natural shaded lips with tinted balms. Colourless lip balm were used before for moisturizing the lips. But after coming of tinted lip balms, the hassle of applying lipstick has gone. Just like lipstick, tinted lip balms come in a lot of varieties from different shades to flavours. Tinted lip balms are perfect go-to lipsticks and we can’t live without them. Tinted lip balms provide a touch of colour along with hydration.

Let’s Look at Some of the Organic Tinted Lip Balms Available in India.

1. Forest Essentials Sugar rose petals lip balm

Forest Essential Instagram
Forest Essential Instagram

Forest Essentials sugar rose petals lip balm are super hydrating and nourishing for dry lips. With just a single application, one can feel the difference as they are blended with the goodness of cocoa seed butter, Kokum butter and beeswax. Also, they are free from chemicals and parabens which is the biggest plus point of this lip balm. It comes in a glass jar packaging.

Quantity: 4 g
Shade: Mild Pink
Price range: ₹ 750
Key ingredients: Cocoa seed butter, Organic beeswax, Kokum butter, Jar packaging

2. Plum Candy melts vegan lip balm

Source: Plum Instagram
Source: Plum Instagram

Plum candy melts vegan lip balm is a fruit lip balm. It smells like a berry and comes with the goodness of shea butter and cocoa butter. And plum brand donated 1% profit of this product back to nature which is a great thing. It comes in an eco-friendly glass jar container that is recyclable.

Quantity: 12g
Shade: Red velvet
Price range: ₹ 295
Key ingredients: Shea butter, Carrot seed oil, Cocoa butter

3. Aegte Organics cheek and lip tint balm

Source: Aegte Organics
Source: Aegte Organics

Aegte Organics cheek and lip tint balm provide a creamy and soft texture to lips. This product is for 2 in 1 purpose. It consists of carrot seed oil due to which it effectively nourishes the lips for a long duration. It comes in a small jar container.

Quantity: 15g
Shade: Rosy Pink
Price range: ₹ 799
Key ingredients: Tomato extracts, beetroot, carrot seed oil

4. The Body Shop Born lippy strawberry lip balm

Source: Bodyshop Intagram
Source: Bodyshop Instagram


The Body Shop Born lippy strawberry lip balm has a mesmerizing fragrance of strawberry. The texture of the lip balm is mild creamy and the hydration is quite long-lasting after application. It comes in a small jar container.

Quantity: 10 ml
Shade: Dark Pink
Price range: ₹ 275
Key ingredients: Beeswax, Strawberry seed oil

5. Himalaya strawberry shine lip balm

Himalaya strawberry shine lip balm gives a natural glossy shine to lips. It seals the moisture content for long-duration after application. It comes in the form of simple Chapstick packing.

Quantity: 4.5 g
Shade: Red
Price range: ₹ 150
Key ingredients: Vitamin E, Apricot oil, Strawberry oil

6. Sugar Cosmetics tipsy moisturizing lip balm

Sugar cosmetics tipsy moisturizing lip balm comes in 7 different flavours and is infused with the goodness of vitamin E, jojoba oil and shea butter. It comes in Chapstick packaging.

Quantity: 4.5 g
Flavours: Mojito, Cosmopolitan, L.I.I.T, Irish coffee, Mango margarita, Bramble, Pinacolada
Price range: ₹ 199
Key ingredients: Shea butter, jojoba oil, Vitamin E

7. Daughter Earth vegan lip and cheek tint

Source: Daughter Earth Instagram
Source: Daughter Earth Instagram


Daughter Earth vegan lip and cheek tint give a creamy pink matte texture after application. This lip balm cum cheek tint serves the purpose of both the balm and cheek blush. It is enriched with the goodness of shea butter, moringa and almond oil. It comes in a jar container.

Quantity: 80 g
Shade: Pink
Price range: ₹ 975
Key ingredients: Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Candelilla, Almond oil

8. Nykaa lip crush macaron strawberry lip balm

Nykaa lip crush macaron strawberry lip balm nourishes the lips with the infusion of shea butter and vitamin E. It is super smooth in application and provides sun protection to lip by maintaining the moisture balance. And it adds a soft touch of baby pink colour to lips. It comes in a baby pink coloured jar container.

Quantity: 5 g
Shade: Baby Pink
Price range: ₹ 249
Key ingredients: Vitamin E and Shea butter

9. Vaseline colour and care cherry lip balm

Vaseline care cherry lip balm is a budgetary lip balm that provides moisture protection to lips for 24 hours. It gives a glossy look and nourishes lips with the goodness of Vitamin E. It comes in the form of Chapstick.

Quantity: 4.5 g
Shade: Cherry Pink
Price range: ₹ 150
Key Ingredients: Almond oil, Vaseline jelly, Shea Butter

10. Organic Harvest rose lip balm

Organic Harvest rose lip balm is made from a blend of organic butter and beeswax which radiates the lips with pink colour. It gives a rich creamy texture to lips with just one stroke and comes in Chapstick form.

Quantity: 4g
Shade: Pink
Price range: ₹ 299
Key ingredients: Organic butter, Beeswax

Tinted lip balms are an easy way of moisturizing and nourishing the lips with the goodness of various organic oil and wax. So, enjoy this hassle-free way of natural lip colouring.

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Written by Swati Mor

Pursuing her doctorate studies, Swati always looks for unexplored potential in different genres and love to pen down her thoughts. She also enjoys reading about gadgets, technologies, historical art and culture.

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