Quick-fix Solutions for Skin Problems

Leading stressful lives and battling dark circles, pimples, acne, boils, dull, dark and sagging skin is every girl’s story. Our hectic lifestyle does not give us enough time to take care of ourselves, nor do we get enough time to spend endless hours at parlours. So what’s the solution? We need some quick-fix, instant remedies to make our life easier. I have been following some of these simple tips on a regular basis now and I see a sea change. What’s more, it saves me the hassle of visiting parlours religiously.

Problem 1. Most of us have odd working hours. The stress shows on us in the form of break outs, boils, acne and pimples. The skin too becomes soggy and lifeless

Quick fix:

Wash your face thoroughly with normal cold water without using a face wash. Cold water closes the pores controlling the oiliness of the face. After washing, pat dry and clean the skin with cotton dipped in astringent or charged water. This further cleanses the facial skin leaving it feeling fresh and light. Now apply an oil-controlling face pack (sandalwood pack or mud pack or turmeric face pack) on you face and leave it for 10 minutes. Rinse well and pat dry. Then use a concealer pen to camouflage your pimples. Apply oil-free, water-based foundation or loose powder all over your face to hide the layer of concealer and also to hide the acnes and pimples. You can use bright shades like florescent pink or aqua blue or green on your eyes to take unwanted attention away from the dull skin around the eyes.

Time required: 20-25 minutes

Problem 2. Dark eyes because of sleeping late in the night or stress

Quick fix:

Soak green tea bags in cold water and put them on your eyes. This would act as a corrector for the PH balance and make the colour of the skin around the eyes neutral. If you have itchy eyes because of fatigue, dip two teaspoons in ice cold water and press the concave part of the spoons on the skin under your eyes. This will refresh your skin. If the dark circles remain, use a toner or a concealer to hide them. You can also use mascara and kajal to make your eyes look alive. While applying mascara on lower eye lashes, don’t press the brush against the skin; just touch the lower eye lashes with the brush, don’t re-do it.

Time required: 20-25 minutes.

Problem 3: You are going on a date and in excitement you have sprayed too much perfume and now you are smelling like a cosmetic shop!

Quick fix:

Dab a wet cloth all over your neck and clothes from where you need to extract the additional perfume. After this, wipe the areas gently with soft paper tissues and let the rest of the moisture dry (if any) on its own. Within a minute you, you have tackled your problem. Time required: 2-3 minutes.

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