5 Massage Techniques to Your Cellulite Reduction

What is cellulite? This is the accumulation of fat mainly on the buttocks, upper arms and the posterior thighs which make the skin look almost like an orange. This is often depressing for women. The various causes of cellulite are lack of proper physical activity, low blood circulation and intake of water, poor diet and sometimes hormonal changes also lead to the accumulation of cellulite. However, there is nothing to be depressed about as here we tell you about some massages that can save you from the ugly cellulite.


Application of oil before the massage is essential as it improves the blood circulation through the capillaries and the peripheral veins of the circulation system. Apply the staring from your buttocks to your feet.

Pinching the fold of the skin and pulling

This can be done at the buttocks part and in the thigh as well. This is done when you grab a fold of the skin between the thumb and the fingers and pull it. The first pull should obviously be soft and the intensity can increase as the skin gets accustomed to the pinching and the pulling. This loosens the fat lying under the skin and the blood circulation gradually oxidises it breaking it down.

The kneading massage

In this the fists are used to massage the area in a kneading fashion. For smaller areas like the upper arms, inner knee and the caves use your fingers. The hips and thighs need hand kneading. This squeezing and lifting massage helps the waste deposits to be eliminated.

Knuckle massage

Here the fists are used to crush into the ugly bulges of cellulite. This breaks the fat and with further exercise the metabolism of the body deals well with this loosened fat.

Making an ‘S’

Pinching a large part of the skin and twisting the flesh in opposite direction making an S also help the fat to break.

Suction massage This is usually done with the help of a suction pump. It is advisable to get this done by a professional who will know better how to give the strokes to achieve maximum result.

Get rid of the depression caused by the ugly cellulite. It is never late to start and you still have life to celebrate. Don’t let cellulite dampen your spirit.

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