5 ways to pick out your fake friends

The world has a good number of selfish people. Some of these people get into your lives in the guise of good friends. We often find our friendship being taken for granted by them. They take advantage of your goodness and get their purpose served. But for how long would you like to endure such treatment? Here are 5 ways that can tell you who the ones are that you need kick out of your friends’ list.

The takers:

These people see what you have that will be useful to them. They either take free rides, or your money or, if nothing else seems useful, your time. They always put up a show as if they are seeking your help only because you are their last resort. Well, the benefit of doubt can be given for once, maximum twice. But if the matter persists, you need to think about an alternative way and get rid of the person. They also use your contacts? How? They try to get closer to people through you and later make you feel like a stranger. One thing you must have noticed, that these people have an extremely high level of expectation from you. When you tell about your difficulty they will behave as if you are leaving them in the middle of an ocean.

Borrow but never return:

You don’t usually expect to get back what you give. But you surely wish to get back the things that are being borrowed. You have not opened up a charity, have you? These friends take you so much for granted that they almost start thinking your things to be theirs. Once they borrow something from you, you never get to see it again. These happen usually with objects like books, music and movie CDs, shoes, let alone small things like pens and make-up items etc.

Busy like a bee:

These people who claim to be your friend don’t have time for you. They hardly ‘get time’ to sit and talk to you. The ‘me first’ tendency is seen on their activities. They try to put you off by say ‘I shall listen to you, just let me finish this work’ or ‘Can have this talk tomorrow, I am already late, dear’.

Plan B for hang out:

When it comes to having fun, you are last one on their list, or may be even absent. These typical fakes don’t care to inform you about a party or an outing or a movie. They may call you but later you might find out that some people could not turn up and so you were called just for company.


Users are never grateful. This you can understand when they try to put you down in front of others to prove their superiority. They might even gossip about you behind your back.

The faster you pick out these users the faster you save yourself from being used. It is wise to know about their traits than to be hurt by some bitter experience.

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Written by Ranja

A book editor and a content writer, my first love has always been to write. I'm also a romantic at heart and love dwelling in my own world of imagination.

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