Parineeti Chopra – the new face of Pantene

After Katrina and Shilpa, it’s Parineeti who advocates the goodness of Pantene’s damage care shampoo. In the new ad for Pantene Damage Care shampoo Parineeti speaks of Damaged to Damn Good hair.

With life becoming hectic it is quite difficult for working women and young college students to take good care of their hairs which undergo the daily attacks of free radicals and pollutants. Parineeti acts as a spokesperson for the youth who have limited time in hand to cure the damage done to their hair.

Pantene is one company which has emphasised on repairing of damaged hair with a shampoo rather than oil. The shampoo claims to cleanse the hair and scalp without drying it. The shampoo restores the essential proteins by creating a protective shield which protects each strand of hair by preventing the loss of nutrition. It removes split ends and arrests the progression of further damage. The effect of the shampoo is hinted in the tag line – Damaged to Damn Good.

The shampoo has already been launched and is available in the market at a reasonable price. A bottle of 180ml is available for Rs120 and 340 ml for Rs210.

The advert also throws a challenge to the users. If they can bring proof of Pantene’s success in repairing their damaged hair they will be seen in the next ad of Pantene with the chirpy Parineeti Chopra.

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