Some effective, user friendly kitchen appliances for working women

The fantastic experience of cooking delicious, wholesome food without a mother’s aid tells you the story of some of the most amazing kitchen appliances that technology has brought into almost every household. Let us take a peep into the kitchen of a working woman and see how she manages to prepare lip-smacking, healthy food within a few minutes.

Induction tops

Induction tops are one of the best options for those women who cook for themselves. Induction tops need a range of special utensils which have a broad and flat base. As it runs on electricity there is no fear of the gas cylinder coming to an end and having to book the next cylinder. Rice, pulses, vegetable and variety of items can be prepared on this. There are various companies that are producing induction cookers. Prestige, Sunflame, Elica, Philips, Bajaj and several others companies are there. The prices of induction cookers range between Rs.2500 to about Rs.10, 000. These are also available at discounted rates at various online stores.

Sandwich makers with removable plates

These are appliances for those who prefer to have sandwich for their breakfast or as snacks. Bread simply smeared with butter or jam and put into the toaster gives the bread a different taste. A few pieces of cucumber, tomato and slices of eggs give you a wonderful sandwich. The Sandwich maker plates have their different uses. You can use them for grilling with less oil. The various companies that produce sandwich makers are Jaipan, Bajaj, Philips, Kenwood and many others. The price of sandwich makers starts from Rs.789 onwards.


Go for a healthy diet with toasters. Working ladies who are conscious of keeping their weight under control can get a wonderful breakfast with some pieces of toast, a boiled egg and a glass of milk or fruit juice. Companies that manufacture toasters are Morphy Richards, Baja, Orpat, Prestige and many others. The price starts from Rs.945 onwards.

Juicer mixer grinder

This appliance is one that helps you to save money by not going for packet fruit juices. Bring fresh fruits from the market and make juice out of them, with no added preservatives. This is healthy intake within a limited budget. The various manufacturers of juicer mixer grinders are Philips, Prestige, Black and Decker, Nova and various others. The price starts from Rs.846 onwards.

These appliances occupy less space and have multiple uses to make life easy. You can shift with these appliances and keep living a healthy life. But you should also remember that electronic appliances have their longevity. Proper usage and maintenance add years to their lives.

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