Kritika Kamra Introducing the Coolest Incarnations of ‘Reporters’

Now, that’s what we call a real life look! For the much anticipated show ‘Reporters’, Kritika Kamra is all wearing girl-in-the-town outfits that simply make the star glammed up to become a trainee reporter Ananya Kashyap. It is no wonder that the online paparazzi went totally bonkers on the photoshoot video, making it all go viral. WSL totally fell in love with that stylish and cute makeover of Kamra by costume stylist Twisha Ganjoo.

It’s Freaking Cool. Seriously!
We know we were kind of over the short kurta clubbed with wavy hair style, and summer is all about rich, classic, colorful collections, but come on, this is a trainee reporter style! The lovely tinted red and no details make this short kurta a gorgeous ethnic piece. It looks like she has styled it up with a denim.kritika

Waves Unfolded
We know we kind of missed Rajeev Khandelwal, the ‘Kahin To Hoga’ hero in the last photograph, as we were stuck staring at the cute bubbly Kamra. Here is he, all that serious news anchor dressed up in blazers. What speaks high to us is that carefree waves of Kamra, which has definitely complemented her dress and simple accessories.Kritika Kamra

A Trainee’s Playfulness
Kamra is getting set to take her spot in her new role of a trainee reporter, and has opted for a day-today look to keep up with her role. The simplicity has kept us drooling, but for us the best part is that makeup that gave her skin a classic luminous, dewy glow.

Prettiness at the Best
Looking coquettish and ultra cute, Kritika Kamra added a spunky look with that elegant pearl earring. Those dreamy eyes and rosy lips..for us, this doesn’t seem to be a look that just anyone could pull off.

Nothing Unreal
The show will give you a fair idea of Reporters ‘nothing unreal’ style, which is all set to rock the mini-screen with its new punchy role plot of behind-the-stage-drama of journalism

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