[Video] Summer 2015 Most Trendy Hairstyles

The season’s best hairstyles that may suit any face shape and promise to give you a DIVA look.Here comes spring/summer’15 and its time to update your fashion dictionary la-la-ladies! While you surely have the season’s dresses, makeup, accessories and shoes hovering in your mind, let not hairstyles take a back seat, as they are a must to complete your glam-doll look. Here are some chic, classic and some other trend-setting hairstyles that are sure to make you look spectacular!

1.Chunky Top Knot
While making a ponytail is an age-old style, what you could rather do is take that ponytail and wrap it into a bun on the top. You obviously earn the brownie points for flaunting your sexy neckline, but once the bun is tousled-up into a fancy top-knot you just become the center-of-attraction anyway. Go through the hair-do check list of the celebrities who attended The Oscars 2015 and you’ll surely spot this run-of-the-mill hairstyle.

2.Twisted Bun
Wow! This one is easy and looks damn chic as well. Perhaps, your darling hands and wrists have a lot of twisting and turning exercise to do. Begin twisting your hair strands, from over your overhead – crossing the ear and rolling it round a low, slightly messy bun around the nape of your neck.

3.The Bob Hairstyle
Although the Bob hairstyle is from the past but it’s still the ‘in-thing.’ Whether it’s the A symmetrical Bob, slightly mussed-up lob, textured bob or a clean sleek Bob – it the most-preferred hairstyle for summer. However, if we’re to go by which celebrity’s style best defines this hairstyle.

4.The Pixie
Now you have to be daring to flaunt this hairstyle which is replica of boy cut. It’s short on the sides and long but heavy on the crown top area. While some choose to give a hippie look to it by making the crown top area heavy until the nape, some even like to add a gaudy hair colour to this. Check out the vivacious Scarlett Johnson in this look – oh-so-daringly sexy!Scarlett Johnson
5.Braids and more
Just criss-cross them to get a look that not only looks stylish, but also gives you an elegant look no matter how messy you try to make it. Opt for Michael Kore’s casual undone braids or the really in-trend look is the fishtail braid of Marco de Vincenzo. If putting them all together is not your style, then a neat updo with a fishtail braid works best.

Just incase none of these interest you and you are the ‘I like it natural’ types, then that has a solution too. It’s alright to let loose you long locks, clumsily flowing layers or sleek hair – with slightly unfinished ends which will give you a natural summer look. While some call it ‘non style’ and others ‘bohemian’, we’ll settle for #ILikeItNatural look. A model who fits the bill here would be Anna Ewers.Anna Ewers

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Written by Bhakti D

Bhakti is a dedicated full-time certified yoga instructor and follows yogic teachings as a way of life rather than a fitness goal. Yoga has helped her lead stress-free life for herself as well as has a calming influence on the family. After she realized the goodness of Yoga, she decided to pursue Yoga more seriously by building on Yoga related competencies. She has done a number of classrooms as well as one to one teaching sessions in Mumbai, helping her clientele achieve a happy and healthy lifestyle.

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