How Hypnosis Helps in Losing Weight

If you are looking for a comfortable way to lose weight hypnosis is the one that you can opt for. Jean Fain, a psychotherapists from Harvard Medical School suggests hypnosis to be one of the various ways that helps you lose weight. Let us see how hypnosis or hypnotherapy contributes in considerable weight loss.

Believe in your abilities

The mind often poses unknown hindrance in the process of weight loss. Some of the subconscious mind leads you to think that crash diet will make you fall sick and so even though you might have had some success in shed a few kilos you tend to easily gain back the weight within a matter of days.

Visualise your goal

This is usually practised by those who are ambitious. Those who have dreams of being movie stars try to visualise themselves like movie stars and there are many who have actually made their dream come true. Hypnosis helps to train your mind to see how you want to see yourself.

Bid goodbye to food cravings

The mind needs a stimulate to make the body respond to it. If you have always been a lover junk food your mind needs to be trained to have a symbol that will steer you away from the unhealthy and oily foods that you have been having. And a mind that imagines a slim body surely will follow the symbol and not go that way.

Magic that comes with practice

Weight loss through hypnosis is a gradual process. You cannot expect to have remarkable results overnight. The positive suggestions that are given every day through hypnosis tune the mind into the healthy way of living. In other words, the hypnosis is to be done daily for 20 to 30 minutes so that the positive suggestions gradually become part of your thoughts.

Many of us have heard of the saying ‘it’s all in the mind’. It is simply the training of the subconscious mind into thinking the healthy way so that the strain of consciously choosing to go for healthy food does prove strenuous for the mind. Fact is when the mind and the body come together in attaining a goal there is nothing that can stop the goal from being attained.

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