Brighten up your kitchen with colours

Your kitchen is the heart of your house. Everybody likes colours. Why not add some colour to your drab kitchen? Choose your kitchenware so that anything that meets the eye gives joy to you and your visitor. Here are some ideas that can make your kitchen look pleasant and attractive.

Pink toaster

The toaster remains out in the open. It attracts attention when it is used and also when it is not in use.

Pressure cooker

The pressure cooker is a utensil which is often used to save time and fuel. Give up using the steel coloured cookers and switch over to the lively pressure cooker that lifts up your spirit even when you don’t feel like cooking.

Serving utensils

Serving spoons are utensils that are often used. These sometimes come with handles made of beautifully carved wood, metal and in colourful hard plastic. You can also keep pots of various colours for storing your cooked food items.


Get a refrigerator that is of a colour contrast to that of your wall. Pink, red and orange would work beautifully. Attach some colourful magnets on it.


If your plates are stacked in a rack without a cover, change them. Keep colourful plates so that the rack looks interesting. You can also keep plates of different shapes like square, oval and round. Plates come in colours like white, orange, green, light blue, pink and many other colours. You can get these colours in melamine collections.


Make your cup/mug holder attractive by keeping cups of different colours on it. Attractive coffee mugs of various sizes and shapes too can help in making your kitchen look colourful. Mugs in square, round, slightly conical shapes are available in the market. The colours vary from deep chocolate to pink, white, multi-coloured stripes and even orange.


Bowls are often used for storing cooked foods. You can get plastic bowls as well as glass bowls. Make your kitchen look colourful using bowls of various colours and shapes like square, round and rectangular. Glass bowls come in colours like pink, green, blue, orange and even maroon.

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