Internet Safety Tips for Kids

“Hey Mom! I am on Facebook! Please don’t disturb me,” yelled a 10 year old Alex. I mean…”What the hell?” I didn’t know how to retaliate or if there was something like ‘personal space’ at that tender an age. This is Revolution! Really, high time we saluted the efforts of Steve Jobs, Mark Zukerberg, Youtube wallahs and Tech wizards in bringing about a paradigm shift in the concept of ‘difficult’, I knew only Paint until I was 13, no kidding…nowadays a 14 year old can stand a delver a confident speech with excellent PPT skills… nothing is impossible !

No jokes…the speed at which an average child is grasping and learning, one can be rest assured that competition will know no boundaries. It’s got three sides, the good, the bad and the ugly…Let me elaborate

I have an IPod/iPhone/Ipad etc so I am with the generation and with time, good because change is the only constant and rigidity leads to stagnation. Bad… I have stopped playing, talking and meeting friends no time to sit with my family for dinner…Ugly…I am getting prone to lifestyle diseased, cardiac arrest, obesity, spinal problems, vision problems, low metabolism, no exercise…too ugly actually!

Whenever there is technology there are safety mandates that we need to follow to protect ourselves or our devices from getting into random troubles. There are some precautions that children or parents need to take when it comes to handling or dealing with technology.
Never share your passwords with anyone

  1. Always ensure you download secure content even if it is not available for free
  2. While sharing devices make sure it’s a secure connection or device
  3. Maintain a timetable so that there is a limit to surfing or playing or browsing
  4. Games can be violent and provocative which are not meant for kids
  5. Block weblinks that are anti developmental, there is a reason why a censor exists and it should be respected.

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