Smart Cooking with Samsung Smart Oven

Samsung, the global leader in technology, is another name for relentless innovation and discovery. Samsung now introduces for Indian food lovers the Smart Oven (MC32F604TCT) which is a perfect combination of high quality cooking performance meets smart technology. Let us see how smart are the features of this oven and how they help you in churning out healthy meals that taste great.

The Slim Fry technology helps you enjoy fired foods with only a table spoonful of oil. These are fried-style foods (containing 80% less fat) which are cooked crispy inside and out with the combination of grill and a circulation of warm air. You actually fry foods without a deep fryer. Have you heard an oven making you fresh dough or yogurt any time during the day? This oven does. This is possible as the oven is equipped with the Advanced Fermentation Technology. The ceramic interior helps cleaning the oven an easy task. The interior is also anti-bacterial and scratch resistant and lasts for a considerable period of time.

The large 32 litres capacity of the oven helps you cook for a large family or for a large number of guests. The compact size of the oven also helps you save electricity. There numerous pre-programmed recipes – over 200 Indian recipes, 20 Iranian, 30 Thai, 60 Russian and another 60 Korean recipes.

There is another reason to love this oven. Its stainless steel exterior gives it the elegance that changes the look of any kitchen. Buyers need to pay Rs20, 400 for this oven.

This model is another addition to the already existing Samsung microwave oven range and Samsung, therefore, now boasts of 15 models in the market. Within the capacities of 20L and 30L the models are available between Rs5, 620 and Rs20, 400.

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