Shocking Truth About Cosmetic Products That You Must Be Aware Of

‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’, sounds so merrier to our ears. But actually beauty lies in the products that we use to make ourselves look more beautiful! However, with today’s given scenario we think that the author of this well known quote might have to twitch this quote a little bit to ‘today beauty lies in the pain of animals’.makeup-copy

With so many cosmetic beauty products stuffing the already overloaded market, we never care to look at what goes in the making of these products. Well we bring to you some of the cruel secrets of these cosmetic products.

Behind all the curtains of colour (make-up), sun baked coats (body lotions) and divine essences (perfume); often lies the untold stories of animal suffering and wilful ignorance by god’s self proclaimed superior creatures- the human race. The heartless cosmetic world seems insensitive and deaf towards the pain of these animals, but should the consumers also be thoughtless towards them?

We fabulously flaunt our makeup everyday unaware about its harmful consequences on animals. The everyday makeup kit we use consists of lipsticks, eye shadow, kajal, moisturizer, talc, perfumes, and more and all these products are barbarically tested on animals in the respective research centres. Many researchers and scientists insist on testing the cosmetic products on animals for a better understanding of the products’ possible adverse effects on humans. For instance, Mascara that beautifully highlights our eye lashes is tested on rabbits- their eyes are pulled open with forceps and the mascara solution is poured in it. Since rabbit’s eyes don’t have tear glands, the solution doesn’t wash way and helps the researchers to study its reverberations. This process is repeated till the time the researchers are sure that there are no negative reactions of the product.

Similarly shampoos that boast about being ‘non tearful’ are tested in the same manner. Sometimes the poor animals get blinded but their ordeal doesn’t end there. They are still used for other testing procedures like dermal toxicity tests to test skin irritation caused due to creams and lotions.

In fact, the lipsticks and mouthwashes that we use are force-fed to mice until they succumb. Although the knowledge gained is of no use to humans as it is unlikely that humans would consume lipstick in such high doses as to get poisoned or die.

Were you aware about these harsh secrets of the cosmetic industry who boast about making people beautiful? Would you still consider using these products at the stake of innocent creature’s lives?

Well we have also come up with an alternative option to this injustice done

There are a lot of companies that have started manufacturing vegetarian products using vegetable/ mineral materials that are not tested on animals. However, as we all know good things cannot be found easily; similarly these products are also a bit hard to find in the market. But with growing awareness of consumers, the demand is sure to rise and so will the supply of these products. Moreover, one can always rely on the home made recipes for most of their body-care needs.

It is important for us as consumers to opt for a more humane lifestyle and incorporate products that are free of any animal derivatives and do not perform animal testing. If each one of us shows some kindness then together we can bring about a drastic change in the lives of innocent souls.

So next time you go for shopping cosmetic products, choose wisely and don’t just make yourself beautiful but also contribute in making a beautiful world. Do read our next article on vegetarian cosmetic products.

What do you think?

Written by Sanskriti Marathe

An Environment Science postgraduate and working in the field of wildlife conservation for over 4 years. Likes to write and is a voracious reader as well. Strongly believes in 'Equality Above All'..


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  1. Shibani thanks for sharing but have one question if these cosmetic products which comes in market every year 100’s of them are launched are not tested on animals how do they want to be tested and released for human consumption?

    So do you agree for the fact that an human life is more important than an Animal ?

    Im against animal testing but how do you want company to come up with new stuffs ?

    My thought :

    1. If products are not tested on animals there will be zero products coming in market .
    2. Testing will be done on Human beings which will have more adverse effects . A human life is more important than animals anyone will agree with me .

  2. alternatives to animal testing include sophisticated tests using human cells and tissues (also known as in vitro methods), advanced computer-modeling techniques (often referred to as in silico models), and studies with human volunteers.. all we need to do is become aware that when there is a will, there is a way

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