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Say good bye to your boring daily routine and household chores; pack your bags for an enticing and adventurous trip to Andaman, this vacation. But before that check out some of the interesting facts that WSL brings to you about this exotic location.

The Andaman Islands are situated in the Bay of Bengal between India (to the west) and Myanmar (to the north and east). Also most of it is a part of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Union Territory of India and a small number in the north belongs to Myanmar.

At the very least, the Andaman Islands have been inhabited for several thousand years. It is believed that the aboriginal Andamanese people have lived on these islands in significant isolation until 18th century.

The island got its name Andaman from Andoman, the Malay form of Hanuman, the Indian monkey god. Further in the chronicles of the Chola Dynasty, the Andaman and Nicobar islands were called Timaittivu that means impure islands in Tamil.

However, apart from these exciting historical facts, Andaman is also known for its beautiful flora and fauna, and its mesmerizing and breath-taking locations. So let’s begin this phenomenal journey to exotic and beautiful islands of Andaman.

We start our journey with Port Blair. While in Port Blair do not miss out on these beaches and the cellular jail that are considered to be ‘must visit’.

Cellular jail – One of the most mysterious chapters from the history of colonial rule in India is this cellular jail. In other words the best and a thrilling way to know about the Indian history is through the 3 hour visit of this entire jail, its history and the light and sound show (its major attraction). After all one should not miss the renowned and famous ‘Kaala-Paani’.

Corbyn’s Cove beach – Soft white sand, pleasant blue sky and lush green coconut trees; this beach is a perfect ambiance for a splendid date.
Distance: Just 8 km from the city.

Chidiya Tapu beach – This dark forest beach is famous for variety of birds. Indulge in the beauty of this calm and classic beach.
Distance: 25 km from the city.

Wandoor beach – Fascinated about photography and photo shoots, then this beach is ideal for you. One of the alluring sites is the beautiful trees that got uprooted during the 2006 tsunami. The beach is ideal for swimming and equipped with changing rooms as well.
Distance: 25 km from Port Blair city.

Another interesting place to visit is the Neil Island and many of its mesmerizing locations. We all are aware about the religious story of Ramayana and lord Ram’s brothers. Interestingly these beaches remind us of some of the characters; but don’t worry we won’t distarct you by reciting the same old story, rather we will talk about the beauty of these exotic beaches that one should pay a visit at least once.

Bharatpur beach – Bharatpur is one of the best beaches known for coral watching, water sports and its vegetation that is simply soothing. Further while coral viewing, don’t miss out the amazing glass bottom boats.

Laxmanpur beach – With a board spur of white shell sand with shallow water, this beach is good for snorkeling. Also this beach is a great place to enjoy swimming and sun basking. Don’t forget to watch the sunset from this beach.

Tired of visiting so many places, but this is only half the journey done! So shoo away your tiredness as we still have lots of interesting places to go, like the Havlok Island and its beaches.

Radhanagari beach – Come all the way to Andaman and not visit one of Asia’s top 5 beaches, not possible. This beautiful beach is filled with silver sand and green surroundings that will give you a feeling of peace, calm and silence. An ideal place for long walk and swimming, this is the only beach in Havlok Island where you can spend some time and money on shopping and snacks.

Kala pathhar beach – Being a rocky beach with black rocks, this mysterious sounding beach is a very unpopulated place (sometimes also called virgin) where you can spend long time. The drive towards the beach is similar to marine drive. So just hire a motorbike and enjoy the long drive towards the sea and the tropical forest on the other side of the road.

Elephanta beach – A beautiful place with clear and blue water, this beach is famous for corals, exotic marine life and not to forget water sports.

Well after so much of sight – seeing, I am very tired! I am sure you too might be tired and hungry.

Lip-smacking delicacies of Andaman :

If you are a vegetarian and unsure about eating out, then Annapurna restaurant at Port Blair is just the place for you. Being a pure-veg restaurant with South Indian food as specialty, one will surely get to enjoy the flavor of Indian food. And if you want to enjoy both veg and non-veg cuisine, then go for Sarovar Portico restaurant at Corbyn’s Cove beach and also try their Nikobari Kofta. Another restaurant famous for its authentic veg food is the Icy-Spicy restaurant in Junglighat; don’t miss out on its delectable chaat and sweets.

Keep some place in your tummy as we move on from Port Blair to Neil Island to enjoy the delicacies like grilled fish and chocolate pancake of Green Heaven restaurant. Also you can try the conventional Indian and seafood of the Tango Beach Resort.

As our journey moves towards Havlok Island, we get to enjoy the excellent continental food of the Coco Anju restaurant at beach no 5. Another food joint is the café Del Mar in Barefoot resort at beach no 3 with major attraction being its coffee and juices. Also try out the Italian cuisine at Dakshini Market in Barefoot restaurant, near police Thana.

After enjoying those yummy and scrumptious foods, it’s time for some action at Andaman with these amazing water rides and activities.

1. Scuba diving
2. Snorkeling
3. Jet ski ride
4. Kayaking
5. Banana boat ride
6. Glass boat

Please note the below mentioned points carefully:

Firstly do not try to carry corals and shells without specific permits from concerned fisheries department.
Secondly do not take photographs or videos inside the Tribal Reserve areas.
Thirdly and most importantly avoid staying on the beaches or the forests during the nights.

So now with all the precautions and your checklist of places to visit and food to try; these vacations surprise your family with a thrilling trip to this exotic location Andaman November to April is the most suitable time to visit!!!-Plan it now for better deals…..

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  1. It’s a destination for family ! Unfortunately people India prefer traveling abroad these days than seeing beauty of India. Thanks for reading 🙂

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