Everything that you must know about Aerial Silk Dance

She is a diva with sheer beauty and elegance. she has won many hearts across the globe with her films and her gorgeous looks. Bollywood actress and former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen is back in the news! Her recent stint at Comedy Nights With Kapil where she not only entertained the audience with her good sense of humour and unpretentious nature, but also performed aerial dance that has left everyone mesmerised. Apparently this Bengali Beauty has been practising this dance from last 6 years. So we thought why not find out more about Aerial Dance form which is keeping Sushmita Sen fit and fab

Sushmita SenAerial Silk an excellent dance and fun workout:

Aerial dance act or aerial silk is a dance form where the artist performs aerial acrobatics while hanging from a special fabric. The performers climb the suspended fabric and use it to wrap, fall, and swing or spiral their bodies in and out of various positions. Mostly aerial acts are used to fly through the air, striking poses and figures while flying.

Aerial dance form not only combines the beauty of dance and a beautiful silk, but this can also be an excellent and fun workout. With this kind of dance form, you can move your body in innumerable ways and at the same time develop a core strength and flexibility.

Aerial dance being one of the most physically demanding art forms has a lot of health benefits (both physical as well as mental) related to it.

To begin with it helps understand the performer about his body’s capabilities and limits. In other words it gives the performer a sense of perception through which he/she can control his/her own body rather than the situation being vice-versa.

This dance form can also act as an excellent stress buster and also decreases the chances of a person to suffer from heart attacks, anxiety attacks, high blood pressure and other stress related issues.

Also aerial art is a great workout for your back, core, legs and shoulders. And not just physical and mental, but it also gives you a strength psychologically as well since you learn to cope with the fear of height.

Another important aspect is about looking after your diet as you need a lot of energy to for working your muscles in order to gain the most out of this workout. So take a diet that is rich in proteins like lean meat products, fruits and vegetables. Also drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated.

However, every situation has its pros and cons. One must take necessary precautions while performing the aerial act.

  1. It is very important for the performer to have a flexible and agile body to handle the pressure of performing on the fabric at such a great height.
  2. Make sure to practice thoroughly to have a perfect grip on the aerial silks so that there you don’t suffer due to it.
  3. People with any major surgery or health problem in the past couple of months should avoid this.
  4. Avoid drinking alcohol.
  5. It is essential to use proper fabric. Use a fabric that is soft yet strong so that it does not cause any rashes or blisters on your skin.

Mumabi based NATURA that has previously created a number of unique aerial acts that can be easily integrated into any live show. These acts are developed and executed by NATURA’s in-house team, while partnering with popular choreographers and dance troupes. “We at NATURA are very diligent about the kind of equipment we use while rigging, and also study various standards available internationally like UIAA, EN Standards and make sure that our equipment usage is in-line with the recommendations by the manufacturer. Over all what we do can be described as Live FX-essentially creating special effects in real life”, said Mr. Avishkar Tendle (Managing Director, NATURA).

So now that you know about aerial art form, it’s time for you to take your pick and get ready to flaunt your new found talent.

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