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Review: Veet Hair Removing Strips

Going out for waxing these days is a task in itself these days. It is not fast, it does not involve hygiene at times and worst is, it does not provide desired results due to short growth or any other lame reason and ultimately we sit unsatisfied even after burning a hole in our pockets for something that they call waxing!

Well, Veet hair removing strips have somewhat become a solution to this problem.

What the brand claims

Veet hair removing strips makes waxing easy, it helps you to remove even short hair from your body. They say that the results are long lasting and finishing is next to flawless.

What she likes

1. The grip tab, it makes it easy to hold the strip while waxing.
2. It is any day less messy than a tin of hot wax, a spatula, white strips and a lot of greasy sticky material fallen around during waxing.
3. It removes short grown hair too.
4. It gives a good finishing.
5. It is more convenient and handy.
6. It is less time taking.
7. It smells better than the wax we use for waxing.
8. Its lot more inexpensive than the traditional method as you get your full arms waxed in just 75 rupees.
9. Its hygienic.
10. It does not have any side effects on the skin.

What she hates

1. It leaves a very sticky material behind.
2. The sticky material left has to be wiped with the perfect finish wipes or else you need a good make up remover to remove it which I feel is just too lengthy.
3. The product does not work well on moist skin.
4. One might find using these strips very exhausting as you have to perform the rigorous task of pulling hair on the same patch of skin several times if the growth is very short.

Final take

The product proves useful for people looking for hygiene and low cost hair removal with quality finish. It is handy and can be used within the house as per your own convenience. However, the process is very lengthy.

What do you think?

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