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Review: D-Tan Facial Cleanser

The D-tan Facial Cleanser has an instant de-tanning effect and provides a healthy glow to the skin. During summers, the skin’s natural oils start flowing freely which makes the skin appear dull, oily and blemished. In addition, the increased exposure to the UV rays, not only results in skin tanning but also increases the problems of dark patches and wrinkles. This product from Ozone is an effective way to treat sunburns.

The D-Tan cleanser is a unique blend of MCS (Milk Lactic Acid, Cucumber and Shea butter), and is gentle on skin. Additionally, lemongrass organic actives are designed to lighten the skin colour, remove sun tan and restore skin’s fairness naturally.

Ozone professional product portfolio offers a wide range of skincare and personal care products under its professional services category. Ozone Ayurvedics offers the organic advantage in its products by including organic herbal ingredients which are truly effective for reversing sun damage and wrinkles. The products are certified organic facial skincare products which are designed around four different skin profiles ranging from normal/combination skin, dry/ mature skin, oily/problem skin and sensitive skin.

What brand claims

The D-tan Facial Cleanser has an instant de-tanning effect and provides a healthy glow to the skin. This product has organic and natural ingredients.

What she likes

Soap Free herbal preparation best for gentle skin.
Regular usage will help to remove sun tan and restore skin’s fairness naturally.

Method of use

Take sufficient quantity of Ozone d-tan facial cleanser and apply all over wet facial skin and neck. Wash off with cool water and pat dry. Use once in a week for best result.

What she hates

Price range is on the higher side.
The brand claim that product has all natural ingredients but you can see many unnatural ingredients list on the bottle.

Our intake

Overall I must say that go for this product though the price is high. You will require the cleanser in very small quantity and that too once in a week. Best product if you are having skin problems, damaged skin or delicate skin. Regular usage will help to restore skin tone naturally.


Rs. 500 for 250g

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