Why Every Indian Woman Needs To Watch This Pantene AD

The last few decades have seen a great reduction in gender inequality. And somewhere, we’re responsible for it. We choose to be independent, strong women with a great sense of individual identity. We’re breaking down some age old norms, giving way to ones that put us on par with men, and overall, commanding more power and respect.

But then, there are still some things that are wired in us from young age. The way we react to men and behave around them. Sometimes, it’s the small things. Things we don’t even usually realize.

It’s not our fault we don’t realize. It’s something we have grown up with. Even if we haven’t been taught these things, we’ve learnt it by observing. The way our mothers probably reacted to our fathers or her grandfathers. The way our mother presented herself in front of her father’s friends was vastly different from how she behaved and presented herself in front of her own friends.

It’s a sense of entitlement and importance that women have been giving the men for the past many years now, especially Indian women. It’s something many of us have picked up without realizing it. We want to make sure the men are in no way disturbed or troubled. We take it upon us to fix every minor discomfort for them.

It’s certainly not a bad thing to make sure the men in our life are comfortable and happy, but it isn’t okay to sacrifice our well being for them in situations where the entitlement or the special attention doesn’t hold.

This is perhaps why each one of us needs to see this video. Because at some point in time, each one of us have treated ourselves in an unequal manner.

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Written by Vigya Atri

I've always enjoyed writing but the professional route to it happened by chance and I'm loving it! I literally have a billion dreams, one of which is to own an amusement park someday! I love to eat and often dream about pizza in my free time.

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