Vintage Furniture Ideas for Your Home

Furniture is what forms the personality and character of a home. Each piece symbolizes a specific moment of your life. For most this can become a task with the sheer thought of its permanency. Often Functionality vs styles do complicate matters. Walk into Serenity Blissful Living to solve this with the new collection available. The collection includes intricately designed drawers, trunks, illuminators and quirky wooden chests that have a striking finish that will leave your house alluring and attractive.

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Proprietor of Serenity Blissful Living, Ms. Amrit Borkakoty says, ‘‘The new collection at Serenity is all about adding that extra edge to your home. The designs evoke memories of the earlier times and give a feeling of the classic era. There is no compromising. Go for style that has function and utility”.

The pieces have been handpicked and are one of a kind. Special care should be taken as they are made of wood.

Here is a sneak peek to the alluring vintage collection :

Wooden Trunk: We can never really get enough of antiquated trunks. These trunks double up as storage and work the accent angle too. They infuse an old-world glow into your space.

Antique Wooden chest: Lock away your treasured pieces or add beauty in your living areas. The wooden chests will allow a new home to have a lived-in-old home feel, especially, the living space.

Classic table: The wide range of collection at Serenity Blissful Living also includes classic tables. Tables are essential in one’s home — highly used and significantly displayed. Dedicated to the idea of classic and modern room styles, it adds character and beauty.

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