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Decorating Ideas For Your Outdoor Spaces

Inspiring ideas to enjoy and connect with nature outside.

Pramod Group is renowned for adding value, beauty and comfort to everyday life with their thoughtful, yet luxurious interiors. As Interior Architects, they are in complete control of the built environment till the very last finishing touch is added and space is handed over to the client. Some of the outdoor spaces they have unveiled recently offer inspiring ideas to enjoy and connect with nature outside.

Pramod homes are built to maintain a seamless interaction between the interiors and exteriors. As a result, charmingly designed balconies, patios and terraces are an essential part of their projects. With simple and elegant natural décor and greenery, these places take the residents closer to nature, and to all that is refreshing and positive.

Idea 1.

Balcony space in earthy tones with granite flooring and pebble skirting is made cosy with tall potted plants, bright artwork and outdoor furniture.


Decorating Ideas 1

Idea 2.

Wooden flooring and IP wood ceiling add a warm note to this patio surrounded by an abundance of greenery. The windows are covered with powder-coated metal louvres for privacy.


Decorating Ideas 2


This sun-drenched terrace area is done up like a conservatory with an MS grill and fibreglass. Weather-proof patterned wooden flooring, artificial grass and potted plants create a bright and fresh environment to enjoy outdoors irrespective of the seasons.

Outdoor Spaces

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