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4 Makeup Trends To Try In 2021

Here are some makeup looks to try and summon that beauty wizard in you

This season is for experiments and colours. Makeup is no longer an unachievable feat that we dream about while watching complex DIY videos. Makeup trailblazers have come up with innovative and easy-to-achieve looks that are reforming the fashion world. From pen eyeliners to stickers, there is hope for every sloppy person who can’t match their eyeliner shapes. So here are some makeup looks to try and summon that beauty wizard in you to keep up with those makeup trends:

1. Graphic liners

A little bit of geometry on your eyes can enhance your look and give an edge to your ensemble. This eye look is easy to achieve now, thanks to the god-sent pen or sketch eyeliners. The best part about this trend is that are no rules! Be as creative as you want to be and create connecting lines on your eyes to achieve any graphic eyeliner. Take inspiration from looks on various fall runways to take a step further in the makeup connoisseur cult.

2. Splash of colours

Bright and uplifting colours are a massive trend this season – vibrant eyeliners, and neon eyeshadows can boost any look. While experimenting with colours can sound scary, in reality, it is actually very easy to work with. Begin with one or two colours and then upskill yourself slowly. Nowadays, it is very easy to get hold of pigments and colourful eyeliners in the market.

3. Glossy lips

Glossy lips are the perfect hack to make your lips look fuller, adding a more youthful touch to your face. Makeup brands are experimenting and innovating glosses in various shades and tints. Choose a dark or light shade gloss according to your mood and watch yourself achieve a trendy look perfect for the Gram.

4. Flushed cheek

Blush is the ultimate favourite product for that no-makeup look. Flushed cheeks with muted lips have become the go-to look of every beauty influencer. A rosy hue on your cheeks with a little dab on your nose and you are ready to attend the most important events of the season.

Experiments are instrumental for growth and innovations, so try on different makeup looks and cause a sensation in your territory.

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Written by Prerna

A purple soul with a love for all things creative especially acting. I believe that current affairs, comedy and drama are interesting. I will forever be an inquisitive person striving for new knowledge. I like to write to express my views because words are powerful.

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