Beat the heat with Top 5 Sunscreen Lotions this Summer!

With summers around the corner, its time to load your pouch with sunscreen lotions to nourish your skin.However, given the tough market competition its difficult to choose the right product for your skin. But why to fear when WSL is here. We have shortlisted some of the best products in the market suitable for your skin.

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-red” ]1.[/highlight] [highlight highlightColor=”highlight-green” ]Lotus[/highlight]

with SPF 40 Lotus brings yo the 3-in-1 matte look daily sunscreen lotion most suited for oily skin. It is non-greasy with a mild fragrance. A small quantity is required to cover a wide area of your skin. The price for 100ml tube is Rs324.

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-red” ]2.[/highlight] [highlight highlightColor=”highlight-green” ]Neutrogena[/highlight]

Neutrogena Dry Tough Sun Block comes with SPF 50. It provides protection broth from UVA and UVB. It is water proof, oil free and sweat-proof. It works well on combination and normal skin. It is light as a hydrator and has a mild fresh fragrance. The price for 88ml of the product is Rs500.

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-red” ]3.[/highlight] [highlight highlightColor=”highlight-green” ]Lacto Calamine Sun Shield[/highlight]

Lacto Calamine Sun Shield comes both for normal skin and Dry skin. It isn’t suitable for those with oily skin as it leads to sweating after some time. With SPF 30 it provides protection against UVB and UVA. It contains aloe vera which locks in the moisture of the skin and vitamin E which helps in reducing pigmentation. For 50 ml of the product the price is Rs199.

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-red” ]4.[/highlight] [highlight highlightColor=”highlight-green” ]VLCC Sun Defence[/highlight]

VLCC Matte Look comes with SPF 30 and is suitable for all skin types. Though it doesn’t provide much of the matte effect that it claims to give, its non-greasy effect is wonderful. It has mild smell for its pineapple extracts. It blends well into the skin and also adds moisture to the skin. The price for 60ml is Rs176 and for 100ml is Rs295.

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-red” ]5.[/highlight] [highlight highlightColor=”highlight-green” ]Joves Sandalwood Suncover[/highlight]

Joves Sandalwood Suncover comes with SPF 30 and is made to suit all skin types. It provides protection against UV rays and also helps in improving the complexion. It has the pleasant smell of sandalwood and comes in a tube which is easy to carry everywhere. For 50gms the price is Rs105.

So now what are you waiting for step out in the sun fearlessly and enjoy your day.

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