7 Tips for Working Mothers How They Can Take Out Time For Their Kids

Life is beautiful when you can enjoy the two lovely things – family and a good job. But sometimes it becomes tough for working mothers to take out time to spend with their kids. Expensive gifts cannot buy you your kids’ love. It is time that they need. Here are some tips that can help mothers take some time out for their kids.

Make good use of weekends

Weekends are the days children look forward to. Make it a strict rule for you not to take up assignments and meetings on weekends. You can take your kids out for a movie and dinner or on a short trip to some nearby place. This also saves you the pain of cooking meals in the weekend.Tips for Working Mothers to Take Out Time For Their Kids

Help them with their studies and school work

There is no better substitute for the daily contribution of helping your kids with their studies. Gather some quick cooking recipes and help your kids do better at school by guiding them in their school studies and projects. These are beneficial for you too, for this is one of the best ways to update yourself with the various changes in the world.

Chat while you cook

When you have had a hard day and have not got the time to talk with your child. Make him/her sit on a kitchen stool while you cook. You can also ask your kid give you a hand. The little chit chat and the time spent together make your child feel that he/she is an integral part of your life.

Take time out for school programs

Boost up your child’s confidence by attending the programs they participate in. Praise their efforts and encourage them to participate in other activities too. This will help you know your child’s hidden talents.

Avoid distractions

When at home avoid checking emails and attending phone calls related to work. These are things that can be done during office hours.

Read out bed time stories

The best way to mould your child’s thoughts is to read them stories before they fall sleep. The attraction of stories steer their liking towards books and they get a part of your time too.

Play with them. Get refreshed

Playing with children is often the best workout. After office take your kids out for playing badminton or go for a swim together. You can also play mind games like chess with your kids.

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