7 Signs To Read Before Your Marriage Goes Beyond Repair

Marriage is one of the best events of life. But it can change your life if turns out sour, or worse, if it breaks. But the breaking is not a sudden occurrence. It gives out signs that many of us fail to read – subtle signs and obvious signs. And when steps are not taken despite the signs starring in your face, you land up with signing the divorce papers. Bring not this day in your life for which we are providing you here the 7 vital signs that hint you about the cracks in your marriage.Marriage

Feeling of neglect or a cold shoulder shown

Marriage is not limited to possessing your loved one physically. It also involves possessing the mind. When the mind is still in your marriage there is no bar to sharing what’s on your mind. When you feel like your partner isn’t sharing as he used to do or you don’t feel the urge to share anymore, matters need attention. Sharing is not simply informing. It is laying the mind bare to your partner. So when there’s a lack of intimacy, be careful.

Shaken trust

Trust is one of the strongest of the pillars that supports a successful marriage. Petty lies can be sometimes overlooked. The lies which usually men say sometimes involve having a drink with friends or a chat. But the lies don’t stay hidden for long. When you find out that petty lies have actually become excuses for something else, talk it out. Another sign of breach of trust is failure of direct eye contact. To prevent matters from getting worse start spending time together to renew your romance. Lack of communicating feelings at times leads to distance and lying to one another.

Frequent quarrels

When there is irritation there is repulsion and this leads to refusal. Repeated refusals lead to questioning. When either of you do not feel comfortable to be frank about the reason behind the refusal, you should take it as a vital sign of your marriage being on the rocks. The fights also involve blaming one another frequently for some unpleasant situation instead of concentrating on solving it together.

Decreased sexual attraction

When you and your partner do not feel sexually attracted to one anther it’s a sign that the red light is blinking. Sex is an integral part of marriage. It is responsible for maintaining a healthy and strong bond between spouses. When the desire for sex from the partner becomes weak chances are that there may be an extra marital affair creeping in.

Lack of respect

However much couples in love do fight they maintain a limit where they do not cross the line. They take care so that their tongues don’t become swords and their words darts. They may scream but they choose their words carefully even in anger. But when the restraint fades and words that are hurled gradually turn caustic and hurting, aha, it’s time to be careful.

Marriages last when the attachment grows stronger. Honestly saying, even a love marriage survives because of this attachment. Building the attachment takes time and it has a lasting effect on the minds of the partners. Marriage is a delicate bond. It’s like watering a plant to help it grow into a tree. Be sure of your heart’s desires before taking the plunge into marriage. Wish you a happy married life!

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