How To Create A Good Rapport At Work

Being good at your job is more than just being brilliant at what you do. Putting on a great face at work and having a good rapport with your fellow colleagues is also quite important. As the workspace becomes more global, there is an increasing need to be good at your people skills.

Here are some tips:

Making an impression

This is an important aspect and it means more than just looking good or dressing smartly. You need to be aware of the impression you create in front of your fellow colleagues, for which you need to think about how you want them to perceive you. Do you want to appear lazy or stubborn, hardworking or amicable? Whatever it is, always be conscious of it. And try and amend it from time to time. And yes, dressing well and looking good is a bonus.

Work is worship

In creating credibility for yourself, efficiency at work is a good way to go about it. Be good at what you do, and chances are you will always maintain positive vibes around the office. Hard working people are respected a lot, and working smartly only adds to that. Most jobs today do not come with rigid descriptions; success in these places also depends on how much you can push yourself, learn on the job and have a positive attitude towards work.

Self versus group

When you work in a team, it is important to have the right attitude for it. There is an eternal paradox between working for your own success and progress and the progress of the company. Many a times you will find people who only work for themselves. Unfortunately, companies don’t look at solo players with that much favor, especially in a team situation. Developing an inclusive attitude and helping others move forward is the attitude many companies look for.

Drawing lines

Maintain a balance between what you will and won’t do. A strong sense of self and values and ethics is important, as they help you determine what kind of person you are at the office. Help people but don’t let them take advantage of you. Be friendly, but be wary of over friendly people. Also, maintain a strict line between personal and professional relationships. Don’t let one affect the other and you are good to go.

Personal connections

This is a good way to develop healthy relations at work. Try and get to know your colleagues better even in out of work situations. It helps to understand the background of your colleagues and what inspires and motivates them. What are their priorities and what are non negotiables for them. Getting to know the people around you on an individual level will always help in dealing effectively with them at work. Also, sometimes it is about the relationships you make that lead to a great working atmosphere.

Dealing with conflict

Healthy conflict resolution is extremely important, especially at work. You need to develop the necessary tact to confront people and yet not damage existing relationships. You will always have colleagues who are free riders or who you get into arguments with. But knowing how to deal with such situations and still save face is very important.

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