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These Vintage Couple Halloween Costumes Are Mother of Creepiness

Halloween certainly has been the part of people’s October lives for ages. Having been celebrated worldwide, today Halloween costumes have become the Eve to the festival’s Adam. The costume tradition is as old as Halloween’s inception. Earlier in the days, costumes were made to actually scare and terrify people. Unlike today, where one can be a zombie nurse and Captain America, because WHY NOT?!

Here are few of the most deadly, creepy yet absolutely creative looks from the vintage spook gallery, to give you some chills down the spine.

Creepy Big Heads

The first snap is of two couples donning big masks of eyes, symbolizing the pair. Not only do they walking pair of eyes look creepy, but is also believed to be supporting the dark path of Illuminati. The second one is also an American couple wearing weird big maks of animal, inspired by the legends of half-human, half-animal myths.

Culturally Crazy

The first picture apparently shows two dwarfed people dressed in ancient tribal masks. The other shows an American couple reflecting the prevalent culture of apartheid at that time.

Spooky Skeletons

The primary image shows the couple dressed in x-ray skeleton clothes, while the couple manages to get one for their horses. Who said dressing your pets for Halloween was a millennial’s thing eh?  The second picture has a couple dressed as a skeleton and a clown, typically scary.

Creepy and creative

The first image has a couple who has a masked, few months old bay in their hands. The wife seems to be wearing one of those overly popular paper mache masks, while the husband wears a doodled robe accessorising it with a “Genius at work” hat. The other picture has a teenage couple, where the guy impersonates as Uncle Sam and the girl wears a victorian robe.


This is a couple dressed a Mandrake root, quite popular in occult fiction to create body doubles.

Proudly petrifying

These vintage women have definitely styled themselves in absolutely creepy costumes. In the first picture, the ladies are dressed in robes and capes with masks and headgears. The next image shows a definitely appalling nun, don’t say Valak, and other woman dressed with her face covered in bandages.

These were few of the many creepy vintage couple outfits, that will surely haunt your nights for the next few days.

Happy Horrors, Happy Halloween!

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Written by Pallavii Gupta

I am a writer and blogger from Delhi. I love writing about social issues, travel, fashion, and entertainment. Letters can make a difference, words can change lives.
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