7 Out-of-the-box dates for Valentine’s Day

‘You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams’ said a very wise and fun Dr. Seuss. With the day of love approaching, what are some unique ways of celebrating this reality of yours better than your dreams? What could set this day apart for you than all it is usually cut out to be through its clichés? Here are a few ideas to get you thinking.Valentines Day

1.Game Night– Yes, this most used of ways works as much as it does for a reason. Have a game-athon from ludo, snakes and ladders, scrabble, taboo, Pictionary to games with more scope for naughty venturing such as hide and seek and blindman’s buff. Your partnership, your co-operation and your challenging each other will not only bring you closer but get you more excited about each other and rekindle the spark.

2.Upside Down Day – What could be more different than living this day the other way around? Begin by drawing your curtains, dimming the lights, dressing up for a romantic candlelit dinner with champagne, chocolates, strawberries and all of those. Late lunch at a romantic restaurant with a brilliant view. Finish off with breakfast in bed, accompanied by gifts, roses and snuggles.

3.Volunteer – Charity begins at home and what could be more home than each other? Use this day to serve. Volunteer at an animal shelter, orphanage or home for the handicapped or mentally disabled. Play with puppies, tend to children, socialise with the old, prepare an item for them, cook a meal for them, play games with them, distribute gifts. This will make you connect in a way like never before!

4. Learn Something New – Take a class together or attend a seminar or something fun. It could be any varied amount of things such as rock-climbing, pottery, dance, a museum tour, a field trip, cookery, animation. Learn something new together on this day of romance.

5. Create a date– Celebrate your compatibility by working together to get a DIY date. Do everything from cleaning the house, shopping for groceries and picking out dresses for each other to cooking a romantic meal, brewing, mixing or concocting your own drinks and setting the ambience of the house.

6.Mischief– This word could add up to any amount of implications. Here is where you could let the horses of your imagination run wild. You could organise a naughty treasure hunt for gifts, romantic treasure hunts that lead your partner to the places where you make embarrassingly public declarations of your love or simply play a series of pranks on each other to see who outwits who in this notorious game of love.

7. Adventure– This word could begin at the clichéd implications of it with doing extreme adventure activities such as bungee jumping, sky diving, scuba diving, rock climbing etc. It could lead to many more varied ideas and meanings of adventure though. Such as setting a to-do list of hilarious or thrilling tasks for each other to be accomplished in a day or sitting together and drawing up a list of a number of things you have never done before.

Of course, your own personal out of the box date ideas are welcome as well. Do share and give us a chance to revel in your experiences and try something new ourselves.

What do you think?

Written by Puja Gokarn

A writer insanely in love with writing...who knows and has no way other than to love writing as much as she does...enjoys flavours of food, experiences, stories and words....savors life and longs for complete abandon and surrender in everything!

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