Who is the better Brand Ambassador for L’Oreal Paris – Aishwarya Rai v/s Katrina Kaif

So India’s own Barbie is now the new face for L’Oreal Paris! Katrina Kaif has joined L’Oreal Paris as the band ambassador and is the fourth Indian after Aishwarya Rai Bacchan, Sonam Kapoor and Frieda Pinto to do so!

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Right after being announced as the brand ambassador, the 30 year old Dhoom 3 star said, “I am extremely happy and honored to be joining the L’Oreal Paris Family. I have been looking forward for saying it from years ‘Because we are worth it’ and that’s something I finally got a chance to do”.

While Katrina will be the face of the new hair care range, Aishwarya, who has been the brand ambassador for L’Oreal Paris for the last 12 years will continue endorsing Kajal Magique.

However, rumour has it that Bahu B is not very happy with the latest addition. Anyhow, even as both the ladies (may we remind, both have been Sallu bhai’s girls at a point) get busy with the brand, lets get down to check out who’s the better ‘because you’re worth it’ star and why!

Aishwarya Rai Bacchan

  1. The Bacchan Bahu might have entered her 40’s now, she still looks charming as ever.
  2. As much as we are interested to know every tit bits of what goes on in the Bacchan household, unfortunately we haven’t been able to see much of Mrs Bacchan ever since she became a mommy! We do want for of her for curiosity sake!
  3. Almost everything about her is so talked about, her post baby weight to her designer wear to her international movies! More the hype, better for the brand.
  4. She has been L’Oreal’s face for long! We now identify the brand with her and hence would love to have her doing more of the endorsement!
  5. Not many of us swear by her acting but all of us have been in awe of her beauty. Seeing her in advertisements is better, you get to see her beauty but are spared from watching her act! #LOL

Katrina Kaif

  1. She’s everywhere – from movies to stage shows to fashion shows to endorsements! Over done, over hyped.
  2. She’s not really a fresh face anymore thanks to the hundreds of other brands she is already endorsing.
  3. Katrina might have stunning looks but when it comes to acting she turns out to be a little expressionless ! Still, her cuteness and sex appeal is a win-win for her.
  4. She is one of the very few actresses who tend to mind their own business! But honey, all good and no controversies make you a boring girl!

Well, this is what we think! What’s your take on it? Let us know who rocks L’Oreal the best and why!

What do you think?

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