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6 Creative Skills You Can Turn Into Jobs

Life goes on so don’t let this pandemic stop you from using your potential to grow and evolve.

creative skills cooking workshop
Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash

The pandemic has taken a toll on people and their mental well-being. Even more than before, women are finding it hard to stay inside the walls without having something remarkable to do. Regular chores are monotonous and leave no space for us to use our energy for better things. It is difficult to find an escape because eventually we all are ‘bored in the house.

So here is the good news! We live in times full of creativity and therefore people are highly inclined towards developing interesting hobbies. Even better, in the digital world, you can monetize anything you are good at from the comfort of your home. That’s it, start working on the skills you always wanted to try and even earn from it. Life goes on so don’t let this pandemic stop you from using your potential to grow and evolve. Listed below are six creative skills you can turn into jobs:

1. Cooking

Mother and Child Cooking
Photo by August de Richelieu from Pexels

Cooking is a great way to relax your mind and lift your spirits. Good food can always make you feel better and the thought of sharing your secret spice is exciting. People out there like food as much as you do so never hesitate from bringing your flavours into public sight. There are multiple ways in which you can convert your passion for cooking into a paid job. Start a Youtube channel, or create an Instagram page and receive orders, or share your knowledge through classes. You need not be a professional to start your cooking business as long as you connect with your audience over the matters of taste.

2. Jewellery Making

Investing your time and effort in making a jewellery piece is a satisfying feeling. If you are intrigued by fashion trends and have an eye for aesthetic stuff then jewellery making is a great option. Fine jewellery will require specific tools and more labour so it is better to start with simple assembling and manufacturing of trendy accessories. Start creating and posting on social media to gain potential clients, choose a name, spread the word, and you are ready. You can always expand your business by taking orders from already established local brands.

3. Painting and Customized Gifts

If you have a steady hand in painting, sketching, or creating crafty goods you are ready to set your own low-investment business. Art is the best escape to release your worries so pick up your brushes and start doing what you love. People are always ready to pay good amounts for handmade customized products. You don’t need to open a store or even build a website. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram will give you enough reach to kick start a small scale gift business.

4. Gardening

Garden workshops

Nature is the best healer! In times of difficulty, people find peace in getting closer to nature, it is your time to flex your gardening knowledge. Learning new things online is getting easier with the popularity of webinars and online workshops/classes. Plants are sensitive and need proper care for their best growth. Individuals who actually care for the green friends are willing to take up gardening workshops and put in the effort. You can create a course and upload it online on sites like udemy. Otherwise, you can be a part of an organization that provides creative workshops. All you need is the passion to share your learning with others.

5. Calligraphy and Chalk Lettering

Chalkboard Lettering

Words are mightier than the sword, even more, if with an artistic touch. Calligraphy can be easily changed from just a hobby to a paid work. Creating aesthetic calligraphy writings and selling them online is a great way to start your business. You can also incorporate chalk lettering to write customized quotes for people.

6. Voice Acting

Voice Acting is a rising field with the more dubbed releases of international movies and series in various languages. You must have a command over your voice modulation to mould it for various purposes. If so, you can start auditioning for companies dealing with voice over projects, dubbing, and animated series production. It is comparatively harder to get your first project but the better you do the easier it gets. Women are in high demand in voice acting jobs and are constantly reaching new milestones.

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Written by Rakshita

Rakshita is an aspiring author and ambitious with a strong sense of responsibility. Loves country music and is an enthusiast of Art. Never likes to give up and explores everything she loves.

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