4 Hairstyle to Try this September

Who do you want to look like this season? Is it Jennifer Anniston, Victoria Beckham or Katie Holmes? From Twenties chic to Eighties punk-funk, you deserve to try it all.

Women usually tend to think a lot before styling their hair the right way. Don’t panic, styling hair is no rocket science. Sit back and relax. Flip through Vogue or Marie Claire. Whichever style you admire the most imagine yourself in it. Trust me; if you know how to carry it off, anything is going to look perfect on you.
Yet if you are looking for some precise trends for this season, here are the tops.

Knot it

Tie your hair tightly at the top to look simple yet stylish. This style is very American and is totally in for the season. To get a perfect knot, make sure you blow dry your hair soon after a wash. Moreover, apply a serum or an anti-frizz spray to bring a shine to your hair. You can create as many loops as you like, provided it looks stunning. Rachel McAdams carried off the same look recently and looked absolutely gorgeous.

A low ponytail

Position your ponytail low and tie it lose with a hair band. Tuck your locks behind your ears to look neat. Use bands according to the color of your outfits. To get this, straighten your hair before you tie them.


The messy look is in. It is the look you get soon after you get out of a hot shower and blow dry your hair lightly. A tousled effect that makes one thing your hair was never done. Yet, it looks fabulous. Out of all the celebrities, Jennifer Anniston tops the chart in this look. For starters, make a bun soon after you blow dry. After a while, let your hair loose. Insert fingers in each strand and twist them towards the end. Voila! Your hair looks exquisite now.


Jennifer Lawrence flaunted her curls in a recent event with curls tied up. To get this, add serum to your hair soon after a head wash. Curl them with a curling iron. Now, randomly choose strands from all corners and tie it up. Or if you may like, leave them free. This does not just give you a fearless look rather a flattering one.

Don’t forget to add ‘class’ on your sleeves. Lastly, feel sexy.

What do you think?

Written by Prutha Bhosle

Prutha Bhosle is peppy yet shy, urbane yet uncouth, ambitious yet indecisive, feminist yet equalist writer of WSL. She is a true fashion lover and keeps her eye on all the updated trends & city lifestyle.

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