7 Quick Home Makeover Ideas for the Festival Season

Home sweet home should always possess a relaxing ambience. For this will have to think about renovating your house. In addition to making you feel refreshed, renovation also contributes and increasing the sale value of your house.

Cushion covers

Get rid of the monotony of seeing the same cushion covers every day. Get covers that match with your furniture and are luxurious.

Door mats and rugs

Change the rugs on the floor and place a catchy doormat at the entrance. Avoid using those with ‘Welcome’ and all such writings on them. Get rugs with modern designs and colours. They also come in various shapes.


Add freshness to your house by painting the walls with exotic colours. The colours keep you in a good mood and also make your house look like a completely new place.

Fresh furnishing

The best way to give your house a new look is by changing the old furnishing. Fix curtains or drapes that match with your furniture and the cushion covers.

Ornate lightings

These include attractive fixtures and colours. Fix these lights in the living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. The light effect will make your house will look heavenly.

Linen land

Make your house a land of exquisite linens. Get a new set of linen for your living room, bedroom and kitchen and bathroom. Get attractive hand wipes for your kitchen, towels for your bathroom and sets of bed sheet and bed covers for your bedroom.


Crockery collection makes your house look different. Make your showcases and kitchen look attractive with different types of crockeries. This serves a two-in-one purpose. You can use the collection while entertaining your guests and they also serve as showpieces.

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