3 Reasons to Grow Own Vegetables at Homes

There are many who prefer to grow their own vegetables. Primary reason being that the quality of vegetables sold in markets has gone down considerably. Apart from being an economical option, growing vegetables is lot of fun and most importantly, it is a healthy option. Here are 3 reasons why people grow their own vegetables.

Free of chemicals

When you are growing veggies in personal place, you will obviously refrain from using excessive pesticides or harmful chemicals. You are not going to grow vegetables in bulk so you will use proper manure and take good care of your vegetables. Also, it would be easier to keep a tab on quality and hence no question of you consuming harmful chemicals.Vegetable Garden

Good in taste

The veggies that we purchase from market often lose their freshness in the process of packing and transportation. Vegetables that are grown in your garden are as fresh as if brought straight from the farm. They have the goodness of natural nutrients, which keep the body healthy.

Outdoor exercise

If you do not have enough time for exercising, gardening and growing one’s own veggies provide all the exercise that is needed to keep the body fit. The entire process of growing vegetables — digging, sowing, watering, putting manure – is indeed a lot of effort!

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