Dettol Healthy Kitchen Dish and Slab Gel for a smart and safe kitchen

Dettol is the range of hygiene products by Reckitt Benckiser, a British multinational company. For decades Dettol is known for the antiseptic and disinfectant it produced. Now Dettol has come up with a wide range of products one of which is the Dettol Healthy Kitchen Dish and Slab Gel.

The kitchen is the source of delicious dishes but it can also be the source of various diseases if not properly maintained. Dried food and grease in the kitchen have always been a tough problem to deal with. Now Dettol makes kitchen cleaning easier with this gel that cleans and ensures germ protection.

The brand claims that it kills 99.9% of invisible germs on utensils and kitchen surface.It also leaves your utensils sparkling clean.It is dermatologically tested and most important fact which we can ignore that it is safe on hands.

smart and safe kitchen

The two variants in which the product is available are Lemon Fresh and Lemon Splash. These two are available in various quantities – 130ml, 200ml, 400ml and 750ml. The prices vary according to the quantity. They are available between Rs.24 and Rs.150. The various sizes available suits different needs of people. The price being reasonable this product is therefore affordable for all classes of people.

Cleaning off kitchen grease with Dettol Healthy Kitchen Dish and Slab Gel requires minimum effort. Working women as well as homemakers are picking it up to save both their time and energy. The rise in sales shows that people are happy with the result.

There are other dish washing liquids available in the market but we hope Dettol will survive the competition. Dettol means health and health, as the old saying goes, is wealth.

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