5 Type of men you should always avoid in relationship

Learning a man’s psyche is one of the challenges that every woman faces throughout her life. They call us ‘complicated’ but trust me they are the convoluted ones.5types of men you should avoid in relationship

Gone are those days when you sit back with your girlies and brainstorm on the guy you fall in love with head-over-heels. Now is the time when you don’t rely on your diplomatic friends and scrutinize your potential partners all by yourself.

For starters, here are types of men that you must avoid in relationship.

1. Philanderer

No doubts he is hot-looking, suave and witty but there is another adjective that follows. He is a womanizer. You are just one of his toys for the night or a week maybe. These kinds of men do not walk around with a cautionary signboard. So you better play smart and blow him off before he even gets on to you.

2. Mumma’s Boy

This one is not looking for ‘crazy, stupid love’ but needs a nanny to take over in his mother’s absence. If you aim to baby-sit, go for him; if not, run away from him as fast as you can.

3. Enigmatic

‘Mysterious boys’ are so the ‘Twilight series’ kinds. It could be all glitter in the start especially when you talk and he listens but later it will get on your nerves when he doesn’t really participate in your life events. Such guys can only look good on reel cinemas and not real life.

4. Psychotic

Beware! He will ask you the number of times you peed in a day. He has got your back even when you don’t need him to. He will revolve around you like a satellite, exception being you cannot turn him off. Need a better abbreviation? Glue!

5. Possessive

This one’s dangerous. He will not leave a single opportunity to torture you to death. You need to ask him before you go eat, sleep, walk, sit, stand and also run. Better enroll yourself in a baby-day care.

Hypothetically, there are endless other types of men you should avoid. Hope the tops helped.

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Written by Prutha Bhosle

Prutha Bhosle is peppy yet shy, urbane yet uncouth, ambitious yet indecisive, feminist yet equalist writer of WSL. She is a true fashion lover and keeps her eye on all the updated trends & city lifestyle.

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