15 Technology Trends That Will Dominate 2018

Technology is fastly taking maximum space of our lives. Today you cannot think about surviving a day without the aid of technology. And technology is also fastly evolving. What was “IN” and “NEW” in technology in 2017 is now a past thing in 2018.

Thus, in this past facing environment if you don’t keep a tab on the latest technology trends then you my dear friend are going to suffer. Thus, let’s have a look at the 15 technology trends that will dominate in the year 2018 –

1.Data Bank

There is a huge amount of data floating in the environment. There are approximately million facebook users and million twitter users. And there are approximately people who search something on Google every minute. Thus, are you even able to estimate the amount of data? Some years back only big companies had access to this database. But right now there is an urgent need to come up with more and more data companies who will be managing these data points.

2. Smart Commodity

There are “n” number of commodities in the market today. Earlier we had smartphones which could be integrated with the internet and thus we can perform maximum task on that. Now, a days you can get fridge, washing machines and even dish washers and God knows what more which can be connected with internet. They basically eliminate the human usage and thus they are called as Smart commodity.

3. Digital Environment

Toady is the era of digital environment. There is more and more need to increase and thus amalgate virtual and real environment to our discretion. This will not only make the technology readily available to us but it will also be easily understood by others and even with common public.

4. Artificial Intelligence

We all know that the world today is fastly moving towards progression. And the need of the hour is to eliminate or reduce human interference to it’s minimum so that errors can be eliminated and the end results should be close to accurate. Thus, there is a wide demand of artificial intelligence so that it can be used for almost all the basic functions in our day to day life.

5. Intelligent Things

Technology is fastly evolving and it will multiply many folds in future which will be really difficult for all of us to understand thus you need to make yourself tech friendly. We have been hearing about robots and drones since past some time. And in 2018 you might see more and more robots and drones being used in almost all the aspects of life.

6. Tech Friendly

Earlier technology was only limited to some specific section of people. All of us were not able to understand or figure it out. But today there is an urgent need to make the technology user friendly so that at least all or most of us can use it without any issues. Thus, there will be more and more user friendly platforms.

7. Sensor

Till date we have maximum finger print sensors but now tech experts are coming up with more and more sensors. In 2018 you will be able to see face detection and even breathe detection sensors widely at your work place or may be at some specific places.

8. Qualitative Data

Today technology is more or less based on the quantitative data. But now gradually the focus should be on qualitative data. You will see more and more technology in the year 2018 which will seek to focus on qualitative data which will help us in decision making or may be it will help us in our day to day qualitative activities.

9. Customer Will be the king

This is a fact that we are gradually realizing and in 2018 you will see customer will really be treated as a king. More and more focus will be on customer experience, feedback and appreciation.

10. Event Driven

Today you will see technology is more and less rigid. But gradually in 2018 we will see the advent of technology which will be based on real life scenario. And they will help you in complex and emergency situations.

11. Convertible Tablets/Laptops

Since the aim is to save more and more space and make technology user friendly thus you will soon see market flooded with convertible tablets and laptops. For instance, you can see Lenovo X1 Yoga, which has a convertible keyboard. The keyboard can be folded behind the screen when you don’t need it and at other times you can use the keyboard just like normal times when you have to use it.

12. Chip Wars

We are gradually ushering into the era where there is going to be huge chip wars. Now a days the chips are multifunctional. They are able to have high computing power, longer battery life, more memory power and even can handle major graphic capabilities.

13. Health Tech Integration

Healthcare is the sector where use of technology has been quite limited. Thus, in 2018 you will see more and more focus is being led on healthcare integrated technology. This will not only improve our present health conditions but will also help to increase our life expectancy.

14. 5G Technology

We have heard about 4G technology and we have seen how it is able to virtually change the world. Now, is the time to familiarize ourselves with 5G technology. It is all set to launch in the year 2018 and with 5G technology we will be able to download movies and many more within seconds.

15. Wireless Charging

We are in the fast pacing world where there should be minimum cables and such life hassles. Thus, in 2018 you will see wireless charging. Many companies like Powercut and Energeous are coming up with such devices which will not require cables any more. The devices will provide charge to multiple devices in a certain periphery or even by air.

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