Prevent Ageing Skin With These Simple Tips

It is one thing to age naturally and let life take its course. However, there are certain things that you come across daily that could actually speed up the ageing process. Everyone has to go through their share of wrinkles, grey hair, fine lines and sagging skin. This is out of our control. Everyone would be noticing that their skin gets looser, drier and thinner.

Nonetheless, if we manage to limit our exposure to stuff that aggravates ageing skin, we can enjoy long-lasting, youthful skin. Several environmental factors, genetics and lifestyle choices also affect the aging process. The choices we make every day can cause us to age prematurely. Aging gracefully doesn’t have to be difficult. You would know of those celebrities who don’t seem to have aged for a decade and yet it comes as a disappointment that they invest in cosmetics and nutritionists to keep themselves youthful.

Check out the following preventative measures you could start today to slow down ageing:

Shield yourself from the sun

Repeated exposure to the sun can cause skin burns, tans, damage to skin tissue, skin diseases and premature ageing. You would be exposed to the sun throughout the day, whether you are commuting to work, sitting at your desk or taking a walk. Studies show that UV radiation is carcinogenic and may cause your skin to turn grey as you age.

Therefore, whether it’s sunny or cloudy, wear non-comedogenic sunblock with high SPF to protect your skin. Even when the sun is behind clouds, the harmful rays are still present. Non-comedogenic sunblock wouldn’t clog your pores. Also, you should always carry a sunblock with you if you’re going to stay out most of the day.

Give up smoking

It would be hard at the beginning if you’re addicted to it but do you really want to deal with greyish, yellowish, darkened skin in your old age? Smoking causes your skin, teeth and nails to turn a dull yellow and speeds up ageing. It destroys elastic and collagen. It also makes you prone to cancer and shortens your lifespan.Unless you want to cope with all that dullness and disease, reconsider your lifestyle choices. You could check out images of celebrities who have aged quickly due to habitual smoking, drinking and drugs.

Say no to alcohol

Regular consumption of alcohol dehydrates the skin; therefore, speeding up the ageing process and making you look older at a young age. Research shows that just one glass causes inflammation in the bloodstream and cause the skin to age. Alcohol gradually deprives your body of nutrients that prevent ageing.

Get sufficient sleep

Getting at least eight hours of sleep daily would help you get rid of dark circles and puffy eyes. Avoid taking caffeinated drinks before bed. Switch off your screens one hour before bedtime as the bright light affects your quality of sleep. Avoid checking social media before sleeping. Lack of sleep would make you unproductive, fatigued and physically and mentally drained over time. Moreover, avoid sleeping on your pillow as the lines from pressure can cause premature wrinkles. You would be taking years off your face.

Don’t go to sleep with makeup on

After a long day of keeping your face covered with layers of makeup, make sure that you use a good quality makeup-removing solution to cleanse your face. Your skin should be allowed to breathe while you sleep. Beauty sleep is not to be taken lightly.
Exfoliate your face once or twice a week. Don’t use toners excessively. Allow your skin to retain its natural pH balance. Don’t scrub your face too hard or touch it repeatedly as you transfer the germs, pollutants from your hands to your face. Using too many products on your face would damage the protective layer of your skin.

Use good quality moisturizer

Determine the moisturizer that works best for your type of skin. Select a non-comedogenic product as it would allow your skin to breathe and not clog your pores. It’s important to keep your face and hands moisturized as prolonged dryness could cause wrinkles and fine lines. Finding a product that works for you is all a matter of what sort of skin type you have and by reading proactive plus reviews you will know what would work best for you as skincare varies from skin type to skin type.

Also, drink at least 8 glasses of water daily as it washes out toxins and keeps your skin hydrated, preventing the onset of wrinkles and fine lines. Inner beauty is not just a phrase. Maintaining a healthy diet comes foremost to giving your body essential nutrients to keep your skin young and fight against ageing. Eating well allows your skin to regenerate naturally.

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