Why You Shouldn’t Hate Your ‘Single’ Relationship Status

Come February and there’s talk of love all around! Cute gifts for significant others, relationship talks, cheesy quotes – these things are everywhere!

If you are single there is a chance that you’re feeling a little bummed. After all, being single in the season of love isn’t really easy. But the fact is, being single is awesome too! Don’t believe us? See below the reasons!


Want to take a solo vacation, or head out to Thailand with your single friends or take a Goa vacation with your college friends? You are more than welcome to do so, without worrying about your significant other!



No matter what one says, being in a relationship does impact one’s social life. Well, that’s not happening when you’re single. So go ahead, meet up with old friends and make lots of new ones. Knowing lots of people is always a good thing!


Find Yourself

Quite frankly, most of us are still discovering ourselves until we hit 30s. Couples or people who likeeach other tend to rub off on each other and do things that the significant other likes. Remeber Konkana Sen Sharma trying to enjoy jazz in Wake Up Sid for the sake of her hot boss played by Rahul Khanna?

While this isn’t a bad thing, many times, it can distance us from who we really are. Being single can often help us find our true selves!


Free To Move

Got a kickass offer from a company from a different city? Feeling stagnated? Or bored of a city? Whatever be the reason, you are free to move without having to worry about another person.


Exciting Encounters & Flirty Evenings


We’re not even talking about meeting a hot man and dating him! Even a chance encounter and an evening of fun flirting is so exciting and fun!


Not Answerable To Anyone

Want to meet your old college buddy for dinner on Saturday night? Well, go right ahead! You don’t owe anyone an explanation!


Do As You Please

No relationship = no compromises. You’re pretty much free to do things as and when you like. Want to sit at home on a Saturday night and watch a chick flick? Go right ahead!


Shave As You Please

Do we even need to say anything more?


No Negative Feelings Or Fights

Let’s be real! With the happiness of a relationship, comes some sadness too. Fights, heartbreaks, feelings of being let down, tears, drama, and more. But guess what? You don’t have to worry about any of these if you’re single!

What do you think?

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