12 Non Physical Things Men Like In Women

Yes, we know, men love a woman’s eyes, or smile, or hair, etc! But ever wondered what are the non physical things men like in a woman? Well, we’ve got your answer!

1. A Relaxed Vibe

This is the first and foremost thing that makes an impression! A girl who has a relaxed vibe around her is easier to approach and most definitely easier to talk to too!

2. Sense Of Humour

Nothing brings people together like shared humour. Most women do look for a man with a good sense of humour and the attraction works the other way round too!

3. A Little Bit Of Care & Pampering

Here’s another thing that works two ways. Most of us look forward to being pampered by our men every now and then and every once in a while, a man enjoys that too. Cook him breakfast, or set up his favourite movie with his favourite beer on a Friday night or just take him out! It’s always a wonderful thing to feel special.

4. Being Passionate About Something

For the longest time, women in India (and many places across the globe) were expected to let go off their ambitions and dreams and follow behind the man they marry. But things have changed. Today, most men love it when a woman is genuinely passionate about something. It could be her career, her hobby or anything under the sun!

5. Supportive/Got His Back/Shares His Goals

When two people get together, they should be a team! When a man knows he’s got the support of his woman and she’s with him no matter what, it really does mean a LOT to the man.


6. When They Take The Initiative For Physical Intimacy

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When women take the lead to get physically intimate, it does get the man excited! They do feel special.

7. Deep Slumber


There’s no denying that a people look cuter when they’re sleeping and chances are, your man is going to find you adorable when you’re snoozing away. While we can’t really quite put our finger to it as to why, but perhaps you can ask your man why and let us know in the comments below.

8. Intelligent

Let’s get one thing clear – most men love an intelligent woman and many even find it sexy! Only loser men are intimidated by intelligent women.

9. Not Afraid Of Getting Down & Dirty When In Need

Let’s just say you’re heading to a party and your car breaks down and there’s no help around. Most men would love it if their girl got down to helping them if required. Whining about how a nail may break in the process of helping him may not really be the best.

10. Loud, Carefree Laughs


Don’t be shy, don’t hold back. Laughing, without a worry is something men absolutely love!

11. Direct

We’ve all seen and heard those stereotypes where a woman asks her man to do whatever he wants to do but she secretly hopes for him to do a certain thing! While many of us are nothing like that, this situation is a stereotype for a reason – the fact that it does happen in real life! And while a man may not dislike a woman for not being direct, he’s certainly going to like her a lot more if she speaks her mind up without any confusion.

12. Confidence

Last, but not the least, a man loves a confident woman. Always!

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