Why The People & Media of India Have Become Those Annoying Aunties We All Dread?

We all have encountered those annoying aunties who have only one question to ask you, “Beta shaadi kab kar rahe ho?”

And if you think that having some idea on when you’ll get married is going to stop them, you couldn’t be more mistaken! Because they will STILL go on about your shaadi!Ranbir and Katrina

And over the last few days, a whole section of media and many people across the country have turned into versions of those dreaded “shaadi aunties” thanks to the latest Ranbir & Katrina news. The Bollywood actor finally admitted to his relationship with actress Katrina Kaif and even spoke of the possibility of a wedding later next year. That’s a long time away but that’s not stopping people, just like it won’t stop those aunties! Most of us cannot handle one shaadi aunty, but this poor couple has to bear with hundreds and thousands of them!

Well, on a more serious and concluding note, the two do make an adorable pair, but perhaps it’s time we stop hounding their personal lives and give them their Space

What do you think?

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