Transform Yourself with Lakme Clean Up Range

Lakme, one of India’s most trusted cosmetic company, has come with a new entrant in its skin care range. It is the Clean Up range which aims at saving your pain of visiting the parlour to get a face clean-up done.Lakme Clean Up range

This product is made mainly for those working women and college students who have a tight schedule to follow. Getting ready for an important meeting, after a whole day’s journey, might not be possible without a parlour treatment for your skin. College students might find it too pricy to bear the expense of a parlour treatment. This product makes life easy and beautiful when you look at yourself in a mirror.

The Clean Up product comes in three tubes. The first tube is for cleansing the skin which washes away the impurities and the dirt, making the skin ready for a deep cleansing session.

The second tube contains the exfoliator which helps in getting rid of the dead cells. The accumulation of dead cells makes your skin look dull despite the cleansing done.

The last tube comes with a face mask which is the final step for the salon quality skin cleansing regime. It is advisable to follow the skin cleansing session with a sunscreen before going out in the sun and with a moisturiser at night.

The users have praised the absence of parabens in the product and the glowing and the cleaning effect that it leaves behind. However, the cons discussed are the huge list of ingredients that might include chemicals in them. The scrubber in Clear Pores range is less in quantity that what is provided in the other ranges. Lastly, women with dry skin might find the Clear Pores range turning their skin a little more towards dryness.

The price range of cleanup range starts from Rs. 90 to Rs. 225

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