Top 10 Jobs That Suits Her Beauty

Brief Introduction

Women love to work, and they are present in every field whether it is in private sector or government sector. Every woman is selected based on their merit, skills, and personality; however, there are some jobs where beauty serves a crucial factor.
These job demand women to be so that it can work as an X-factor for the job. There are various jobs in India that require beauty of the women mostly when dealing with clients or customers. In these jobs, the percentage of women is very high, and they earn good amount of salary.

Gorgeous looking women will always try to utilize her beauty in every field, and there are a good number of jobs that will suit the beauty of these fine-looking women. According to experts, beauty works as an advantage as well as a crucial weapon for certain jobs when a lady is dealing with a client or customers whether the client is man or woman.

Even the women in these jobs get that job satisfaction that somehow they are utilizing their beauty along with their technical skills. The demand for this kind always stay high in the market and every year companies recruit gorgeous looking women for certain post in their offices.

List of 10 Jobs

Not every job designation needs the women to be beautiful, but there are jobs where beauty serves as essential criteria as they need to deal with clients and customers. The following list will present names of ten jobs that suits beauty of women and where they utilize their gorgeous charm:

1.Product Marketing Manager –

The name suggests that product marketing manager has to deal with clients sharing their product towards them. The main job of these employees is to impress the client with their product so that can bring profit towards the company.
The percentage of women is almost equal as men, and this designation requires various skills as well as other requirements like beauty. It has been seen that a beautiful woman has more success than other employees when dealing with clients.


2.Human Resource Manager –

Most of the companies in private sector recruit a woman for human resource manager designation. The main job of these managers is recruiting, interviewing and hiring eligible candidates for their business.
Apart from skills, an HR manager is required to be beautiful because they act as a face of the company who will be a dealing outside of the enterprise. The salary varies from firm to firm as well as experience, but the starting salary stays around Rs 20,000 per month.


3.English Teacher in Government School –

The percentage of woman in English teacher designation in school is high mostly dominated by beautiful ones. When someone imagines about an English teacher, most of them think about a fine-looking woman teaching her students.
Most of the school loves to appoint an eligible beautiful woman with good command in English as their teacher because the student is always attracted to gorgeous looking teachers.


4.Air Hostess Job In Air India –

This is another sector which is dominated by women, and every airline enterprises hire gorgeous looking as well as skilled woman for the air hostess job. Likewise, Air India also follows the same trend, and most of the air hostess in Air India is well skilled and beautiful who knows how to deal with passengers. An airline passenger is fascinated by a beautiful air hostess, and Air India utilizes this factor to attract a lot of customer in their airlines.

5.Fashion Designing Head –

Most of the fashion firms consider skills and creativity as the main criteria, but they also look for beauty in a woman during the recruitment process. These employees often help the company to boast various type new fashions in the market. The salary for this position in immense and it increases along with experience in the field.

6.Government Foreign Delegate –

This position is both dominated by men and women, but women with the combination brain and beauty always have a high preference. These delegates are faces of government agencies in foreign countries so that a beautiful woman will be more presentable than an average looking woman.

7.Lifestyle Blogger –

A lifestyle blogger can be a freelancer or owner of the company and this job position is ruled by women mostly beautiful and stylish looking like us. Beauty serves as an X factor for this position as they have to deal with internet crowd as well as clients.

8.Project Management Director –

Apart from leadership skill, beauty is another factor that suits the job requirement. However many would argue about this fact, but many enterprises always love to make a fine-looking woman as their project management director.
These women play an important role in the company and incur a lot of revenue for the company. The salary structure is more than lakhs, but the position also has an enormous responsibility.

9.Personal Assistance –

This job that is predominantly ruled by gorgeous looking women and the main role of this job is to assist their boss in all type of office work. Most of the enterprise mostly hires a beautiful woman because it will suit the job because she had to be with the boss when they go for an official meeting with clients. Although beauty isn’t the main criteria for this job and serve as an advantage for a woman who attends the recruitment process.

10.Cosmetic Sales Executive –


Apart from marketing skills, beauty serves as criteria for this position as she will be dealing with a lot of customers. The pay varies from company to company.

Apart from these are many other jobs where beauty is a requirement mostly for a woman, and this trend is common in the industry. The special thing is you can search for these jobs even in government sectors, one would see that recruiters always opts who are both beautiful and skilled. Most of the woman stay satisfied with their job because they can utilize both their beauty as well as the talent they have for the require position.

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